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The Walt Disney World Trip That Never Was - Day Fifteen - The Final Day!

The day has come. It is the final day of my Walt Disney World trip. Or should have been. Time seems to have flown by! For the few hours we had before returning to the airport I had planned one last trip to Magic Kingdom to enjoy some final rides, buy some last items and say goodbye to Cinderella Castle until the next time.

Sanaa for Breakfast

I had planned to start the day off by having our final breakfast at our resort. For breakfast Sanaa is open as a quick service restaurant. I had planned to eat the Enriching Grains. This sounds like a super unique dish. It is a serving of mixed grains, fruit, African rusk and coconut milk yogurt. It sounds like a very fancy version of oatmeal and I love the twist with interesting, exotic ingredients.

After a lovely, hearty breakfast we would be off once again for a quick trip to Magic Kingdom to say goodbye!

Magic Kingdom for the Final Time

I am always so sad on my last day! But the best way to spend the day is enjoying the Disney atmosphere, having fun on some rides and eating all the awesome foods!

This is also a great opportunity for me get any last minute mementos and souvenirs! And of course have a final Dole Whip! Oh how I miss Dole Whip!

Be Our Guest for Lunch

Our final lunch was going to be at Be Our Guest Restaurant. When I booked our Disney dining Be Our Guest was still offering a quick service lunch. We had previously dined when this was offered and it was amazing! The food quality was really good, it had some lovely French dishes which were different to the other types of food you usually find and the prices were good!

Be Our Guest has recently turned into a table service restaurant for both lunch and dinner. It is such a beautiful setting and if you like French cuisine and are a huge Beauty and the Beast fan this is definitely a restaurant to consider for a special treat.

Back to the Airport

After spending our final few hours enjoying Magic Kingdom and bidding a fond farewell to the park it is now time to head to the airport. The drive from Orlando to MCO is very simple and well signposted.


Some car hire companies require you to return your car with a full tank of gas. Luckily Disney has gas stations on-site that you can visit before making your journey to the airport.

When arriving at the airport we would need to return our hire car. All you need to do is simply follow the signs for your particular hire company and then follow the attendants instructions. The process is quick and easy!

At the airport I always like to grab some drinks for the flight and maybe some last American snacks! I usually have some cereal bars and snacks left over from what we had bought to keep in our room for breakfast, so I always stock up for a flight just in case my specialty meal isn’t loaded.


It is now time for the worst part of the holiday...the return home! I find it really difficult to sleep on planes so I try to get myself tired by being busy in the day and then watch some films and read for the first few hours of the flight. I then put on some music to try and block out the noise and try to sleep.

Do you have any good tips on what to do on night flights?

And that concludes The Walt Disney World Trip That Never Was series. I hope you have enjoyed it and learnt some awesome planning tips for your own Disney trip! Let me know what you think over on Instagram @most.magical.guides.

It has been a mix of feelings to think about all the things I should have been doing these past two weeks but I am so excited for my next trip! I think it will be extra special after missing Disney World for so long! And having time to reflect on all the awesome things I wanted to do and experience I am just brimming with ideas on what to do when I return to Disney world. I am going to get to planning my next trip!

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