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Hi! I am Sophie and I am the creator of Most Magical Guides. I love to plan, and specifically, I love to plan trips! And there is nothing I love more than planning an Orlando theme park holiday!


I've been lucky enough to have visited Orlando many times and have spent years researching every aspect of Orlando theme park vacations! I've spent months creating spreadsheets, lists and charts to plan my own Most Magical trips. I literally have hundred and hundreds of pages of notes, itineraries and plans!

I had an Orlando trip planned for September 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the trip was canceled. I didn't want to waste all the knowledge and information I had gathered whilst planning my trip so Most Magical Guides was born. 


I can’t wait to share all my experience, tips and tricks for planning and organising your Most Magical Orlando theme park trip!

I'd love to hear from you! Come and say hi on Instagram!

I hope you find my guides, planners and blog helpful and have the Most Magical trip!

I am also a Disney vegan! To learn all about the best vegan food at Disney World and to ask any questions join my Facebook group, Most Magical Vegan Disney World.