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Going Solo at Disney!

Visiting Disney on a solo trip can be lifechanging! Not only can you experience the parks exactly how you'd like to, you get a sense of freedom and independence like no other!

Disney is a fantastic destination for anyone wanting to try solo travel as they are safe, have everything you could need on-site, offer free transportation and there is so much to see, do and experience you have no time to feel lonely!

I love solo trips to Disney, and in fact it is the way I most often visit, so find out below my top tips for solo guests at Disney World and Disneyland Paris to help you have the most magical solo Disney trip!


reasons to do a solo disney trip

  • A solo trip allows you to visit Disney in the way you have always wanted! You can try out any experiences you ever wished to do, set your own schedule and budget and pick every element of the trip to suit you and your needs specifically! Visiting on your own gives you complete freedom to do what you want, when you want!

  • You can set your own schedule without having to consider anyone else! If you are an early bird you can be up at the crack of dawn and in the parks at park opening without feeling guilty about making everyone else wake up early! If you prefer to lie in and head to the parks later in the day then you can do this and wake up however late you like!

  • Visiting Disney solo means you can go on the rides you want, as many times as you want and skip the ones you don’t like. There is no pressure! If you enjoy going on 'it's a small world' five times back to back then you go and enjoy yourself! If you really don't like big rollercoasters you can walk straight past them without a second thought! Having complete control over what you do makes a solo trip so fun!

  • Meeting characters can feel intimidating when you are a solo adult. To have a great encounter be sure to talk to them about their film, other characters from their movie, their costume or what you have seen or done today in Disney. These can be great jumping off points! If you are meeting face character then they will often lead the interaction so you don't need to worry about knowing what to say! Be sure to check out my video below for lots of tips for adults meeting Disney characters!


  • You want to capture you memories on a camera and if travelling solo be sure to take a non-extendable tripod (selfie sticks and extendable tripod are not allowed in Disney Parks), a bluetooth  wireless remote that you can link to your phone and set a timer on your camera to get all your great selfies!

  • Travelling solo to Disney allows you to set your own budget. Travelling with a group can mean compromising on costs, whether it be missing out on some experiences you would like because they are pricey or feeling like you have to spend money to do the things your group want to try. When visiting on your own you are completely in control! If you want to splurge and book fine dining restaurants, tons of special experiences and buy lots of merchandise you totally can! If you want to visit Disney World in a cost effective way you can be creative and find your own ways of reducing the costs of your trip! 

  • One of the most fun parts of travelling solo is you can eat anywhere you want! With so many amazing restaurants on offer you can choose the ones that serve the cuisine you love, dining in the style you enjoy (whether that be grabbing a quick bite on the go in a quick service location, or taking a leasuirely meal in a table service restaurant), and set the budget for dining that suits you.

  • Never worry about dining alone! This is one of the biggest concerns people have about visiting Disney solo but don't let this fear put you off. So many people dine solo that people are used to seeing it. And the other guests are so wrapped up in their Disney plans and delicious food they don't tend to notice you! Servers go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and I have had wonderful experience dining alone because of this!    

  • For safety reasons it is a good idea to not post exactly where you are. Instead post you photos and updates on social media after you’ve left a location. This way you can still give updates of all the amazing experiences you are having at Disney but no one knows your exact location right at the moment.

tips for going solo at 
disney world

  • Stay on-site at a Disney World Resort. This is a fantastic way to visit Disney as you get to stay in the Disney bubble, you can use the free transportation to get to the parks and they are safe.
    • As well as Disney World Resorts there are also a number of Good Neighbour hotels on-site at Disney World, near Disney Springs. These can also be a good option as you can walk to Disney Springs and then get buses to the parks, plus many of these hotels have their own park shuttles. These hotels can be slightly cheaper than staying at a Disney World Resort, but the benefits will be slightly different so be sure to compare the two to find the perfect hotel for you!
      • Be aware that from Disney Springs to get to the Disney Parks you need to get a bus to a Disney Resort and then change on to a park bus. Be sure to factor in some extra time for this.
  • Value resorts at Disney World are perfect for solo travellers as they are the most affordable. In the US hotel rates are charged per room, not per person, so your accommodation will often be the most expensive part of your Disney trip. Staying at a value resort offers you the opportunity to stay on-site at Disney World for the cheapest price.
  • Disney Resorts offer preferred rooms. These are closest to the lobby, main pool and hotel amenities and can be a good option if you are worried about safety.
    • At Disney Resorts if you feel unsafe can ask to be escorted to your room by security
  • Staying off site can be much cheaper. There are lots of hotels in Orlando to choose from, suitable for all budgets.
    • Lake Buena Vista is the closest area to Disney World so if you would like to be close to the parks this is a good area to look for hotels in.
    • If you do stay off site check if your hotel offers a shuttle service to the Disney Parks and how regularly they run. Many hotels do offer this service which is great news!
    • The Lynx bus goes to Disney Springs from International Drive so if you are staying near a Lynx stop this can be a good option. Be sure to factor in the costs for this and the times the Lynx bus runs.
    • If you stay off-site you may need to take taxis, Ubers or Lyfts to get to and from the Parks and airport. If not comfortable with this then hiring a car is good option.
  • Hiring a car can give you freedom to travel wherever you like, whenever you like! This can be great for solo travellers staying off site as you won't need to use taxis or ride sharing services if this is something you are not comfortable with
  • When booking dining at Disney World table service resaurants book for 2 people or more. The dining reservation system often doesn't show reservations for one person so it can be almost impossible to book the reservations you want for just one person. 
    • There is no penalty if only one person shows up.​
    • When you arrive at your reservation let the host know you will be dining solo or if you use the My Disney Experience app to check into your reservation it will ask you how many people are dining and this is your chance to let them know you are solo.
  • PhotoPass is really good for solo travellers! This service allows you to receive all your on ride photos as well as any shots taken my Disney photographers you will see all around the Disney World Parks. Not only will you get professional photos of you in iconic locations around the parks but also those all important full length shots that you often cannot get as a solo traveller!
  • Check out my 2022 solo trip to Disney World in my vlog series below! 

tips for going solo at disneyland paris

  • Staying at a Disneyland Paris hotel is fantastic for solo travellers as they are all within a 15 minute walk of the parks or a 5 minute drive in the free shuttles provided by the hotels!

    • At night the pathway back to the hotels can be a little dark but I’ve always felt safe as there are always people around. If you do not feel comfortable with this then be sure to hop onto the free shuttles which take just a few minutes to get back to your hotel and can be caught from right outside the parks in brightly lit bus stops.

  • Disneyland Paris has plenty of single rider lines. Use these to cut down your queue times massively!

  • To get from the airport to Disneyland Paris you can use the Magical Shuttle to be dropped off at a Disneyland Paris hotel or use the high speed train which takes just 10 minutes to get to Disneyland Paris. These two options are both great for solo travellers.

    • Taxis can be very expensive when travelling solo. Taxis from the airport do not have a flat rate to get to Disneyland Paris, instead they work on a meter so the cost can be super expensive if you hit traffic!

    • You can book private transfers but these cost on average €70 each way, so are the most expensive way for solo travellers to get to Disneyland Paris. 

  • You will often be charged a single supplement in hotels when staying solo. Because of this sometimes staying off site may be cheaper. But don't forget you will need to purchase your Disneyland Paris tickets as these are not included if you stay off site.

    • Many off site hotels close to Disneyland Paris offer shuttles to the parks or  are one train stop away

  • Photopass at Disneyland Paris is not really worth the cost as there are not many Disney photographers around the parks. Instead people are happy to take your photo, just offer to take theirs in return!

  • If you are staying at a Disneyland Paris hotel then be sure to use Extra Magic Hours! This will help you get on to the most popular rides with much shorter queues!

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