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The Walt Disney World Trip That Never Was - Day Fourteen!

It is another Magic Kingdom day! Or it should have been. This is the last full park day of my trip and we are back in my favourite park! I could never get bored of the atmosphere in Magic Kingdom. It really does feel magical! There are just so many amazing rides and attractions that I can’t cover them all in one blog series so today I am going to focus on some more of my favourites.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This is such a fun family rollercoaster and I love the added element that your cart swings! Snow White is already one of my favourite Disney films so I love everything about this ride! It is thrilling but suitable for everyone. Plus you can get an incredible video of your ride if you have PhotoPass!


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the most popular attractions at Magic Kingdom and often has the longest queue time. If you have a breakfast reservation in Magic Kingdom before the park opens you may be able to get over to this ride before the park officially opens. This will help you be one of the first people in the queue and save on the long wait!

Tomorrowland for some Classic Attractions

I really love the classic attractions, such as the Carousel of Progress and the Transit Authority PeopleMover. Can we all agree that ‘There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow’ is just as catchy as ‘It’s A Small World’? It is guaranteed once you’ve been in the Carousel of Progress you will be singing this song for the rest of your trip! I would love to see what they would add if they were to create another scene showing how life is today!

I know when I was younger I always wanted to head straight for the thrills rides and go on them again and again and again. But as I’ve gotten older I really appreciate the nostalgia of the classic attractions and I love that it gives a change of pace to the day. I think Magic Kingdom has the best variety of rides in all of the parks and this is another reason why it is my favourite park.

My Favourite Character Meet and Greet in Magic Kingdom

All meet and greets with characters are always memorable but there is one that really sticks out. If you get the opportunity to meet Gaston then do it! Such a funny encounter and the best I have ever had at Magic Kingdom.

Experiences with face characters are always so great because you can have a conversation, joke around and really interact with them. If you reference something from their film, or within the Disney realm, you can really have a special encounter!

Casey’s Corner for Lunch

No trip to Magic Kingdom is complete without a visit to Casey’s Corner! This classic hot dog restaurant is a staple of any trip to Disney World! So this is where I planned for us to have our lunch today.

I wanted to try the plant-based slaw dog. It looks so good in pictures! Plus I have never had slaw as a topping on a hot dog before so it sounds interesting!

Grab a spot to sit down and enjoy your hot dog in the central plaza in front of Cinderella Castle to soak up the atmosphere.

The Mountains

Magic Kingdom feature the three mountains: Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. Getting to ride on all three is a must!

I love Splash Mountain! I adore the theming and I enjoy that it is a big drop water ride! Plus it features one of Disney's most catchy tunes, 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah'! The perfect ride to cool off on a hot day! I think it is so fun that it is really quite a gentle water ride and then you get the thrill from the massive drop!

This summer Disney announced that they would be retheming Splash Mountain to The Princess and The Frog. I love The Princess and The Frog, it is one of my favourite Disney films, and I think the settingof the bayou will really fit in well. I can’t wait to ride this new ride when it opens! And I really hope my favourite villain, Dr Facilier, will make an appearance! I cannot wait for the new Princess and the Frog merchandise we will get as well!

What do you think about the retheming of Splash Mountain?

The next mountain is found in Frontierland. Who doesn't enjoy the wildest ride in the wilderness? Big Thunder Mountain is so just so much fun! It is a really great coaster. I love how noisy and rickety it is. You really do feel like you are in the Old West!

The coolest looking ride in Magic Kingdom has to be Space Mountain. I love the show building! It is just so iconic! It is hard to believe this ride debuted 45 years ago! It feels like a big part of Magic Kingdom history. It is a dark coaster complete with amazing lighting effects. This is probably the most thrilling ride in Magic Kingdom so an absolute must for coaster fans!


In recent year I have unfortunately started to feel motion sick when riding Space Mountain. If you suffer like me, aren't a fan of rollercoasters or have children too young to ride, you can still get a sneak peek into Space Mountain if you ride the PeopleMover. Your cart will go through Space Mountain and you can see the flashing lights and possibly even people on the ride if you are there at the right moment!

After an amazing day of rides, food and characters it would be time to enjoy our final dinner and I had made sure to plan it was a special one!

California Grill for Dinner

It has become tradition that on the final night of the holiday to dine at California Grill at the Contemporary Resort. This is such an excellent restaurant with gourmet foods and fine dining service. A real treat! It also has incredible views over Magic Kingdom, Seven Seas Lagoon and Wilderness Lodge. It is the perfect opportunity to dress up and have a special night out.


Make a booking just before sunset so you can watch the sun go down over Magic Kingdom. It is spectacular!

The food here is excellent, some of the best on the whole of Walt Disney World property. If you are looking for excellent, gourmet foods then you definitely need to visit California Grill.

The level of service is incredible. The servers are so friendly and attentive and have such great suggestions for dishes and drinks. They really have fantastic knowledge on the food, the ingredients and beverages that compliment them. This is a fine dining restaurant and this is really evident in the quality of food and service.


California Grill also offers an incredible Sunday Brunch. Reservations can be hard to get as this is such a popular dining experience.

If you are looking for a restaurant to have a special meal, a celebration or a date night then California Grill is the perfect choice.

And with that we have now enjoyed our final full day at Disney and celebrated the trip with a truly exceptional meal.

In tomorrow blog it is my final day at Disney! Wah! I will be talking about what to do to fill your last day before heading to the airport and where I planned to dine to have our last Disney meal!

If you are planning your own Walt Disney World trip and don't know where to start be sure to check out the Most Magical Guides and Planners to help make preparing for your next trip simple!

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