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Your Disney trip is cancelled. What to do next?

2020 has been a tough year throughout the world. Like so many other people my trip for this year had to be cancelled. My next Walt Disney World trip was due to take place in 2 days time. Now it is so close to when my trip should have been, what can I do?

Below is a range of ways you can bring Disney magic to you in your home!

Make your own versions of delicious Disney foods!

I had all my dining planned out over six months in advance, so I know exactly what foods and snacks I wanted to enjoy this trip! If you also had some 'must try' foods why not try to recreate them to get a taste of the Disney magic? Disney Parks Blog has a selection of recipes for classic Disney foods. I am so excited to be able to create some Disney dishes at home! Find the recipes here.

Watch Youtube videos of rides, parades and shows

Before I go on a trip I like to prepare myself (and get excited!) for all the rides and attractions I can't wait to go on. There are so many amazing ride videos, and brilliant Disney vloggers, that you can get to enjoy some of your favourite Disney attractions and shows from the comfort of your living room. It's not quite the same, but it is a nice way to lift your mood as you can think about how great it will be to get to enjoy these attractions again!

Wear the outfits you had planned

The only trip where I take a lot of time to plan and coordinate my outfits are Disney trips. I love to make my outfit match the park we are in or the activity we are doing. I had all my outfits planned out and had bought some items specifically for my trip. So now is the perfect time to bust them out and bright up the days with some Disney themed clothing!

Watch Disney movies on Disney+

Take some time to rewatch some Disney classics, or discover some new favorites, on Disney+. You can even theme them to the parks you were meant to be in! Watch Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland on your Magic Kingdom day, Avatar or UP on your Animal Kingdom Day, Frozen on your EPCOT day and Star Wars on your Hollywood Studios day.

Start planning your next Disney trip

The best way to cheer up after having a Disney trip cancelled is to start planning the next one! You don't need to book or have dates set but just planning out what you would like to do, where you would like to stay and what you would like to eat can be a really fun way to get some of the Disney magic back and gives you something to look forward to!

To make preparing for your next trip super easy and fun check out the whole range of Most Magical Guides and Planners available to purchase now. Covering everything from iconic Disney snacks, packing planners, how to create an itinerary, dining guides, budgeting planners and vegan options at Disney World, there is a Most Magical Guide to cover every aspect of your Walt Disney World trip. To see the full range click here.

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