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The Walt Disney World Trip That Never Was - Day Thirteen!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Today it is our final visit to Animal Kingdom for this trip. Or it should have been. Another last day - boo! It's is never fun to know your holiday is starting to come to an end but we have one more day at Animal Kingdom to enjoy everything on offer!

Kilimanjaro Safari

I planned to start the day once again at our favourite attraction - the Kilimanjaro Safari. It is always just so incredible to see all the amazing animals on the Savannah. And each time you go you have the chance to see different animals. This is always our go-to-first attraction!

The Festival of the Lion King

Whilst still in Africa I had planned to go to watch The Festival of the Lion King show. This is my favourite live show at Disney. It is spectacular! It is a really unique show, which is lovely as you can get to see another take on this Disney classic. There is some great audience participation. The staging and props are fantastic and the performers are outstanding! A definite must when visiting Animal Kingdom!

Satu’li Canteen for lunch

This is another restaurant that I had down to try for my last trip but we never got around to it, so it was at the top of my list when we were visiting Animal Kingdom this time. It is such a shame I still haven't been but I have been busy recreating the crispy tofu with potato hash dish at home! I cannot wait to try the real version on my next trip (and to see how my version compares!)


Satu'li Canteen is a really fun dining experience as you get to create your own dish! You choose your protein, base and sauce that you would like and can tailor the meal to your taste! Great for kids and parties with different dietary needs!

And whilst in Pandora I have to get my favourite drink: The Night Blossom! This Insta famous beverage can be found at Pongu Pongu. It is really tasty and refreshing and the boba balls give a lovely pop of flavour! This is the perfect drink for the Florida heat!

Animation Experience at Rifiki's Planet Watch

I love drawing and painting so getting to learn how to draw classic Disney characters by a Disney Imagineer is so exciting for me! I could not wait to try this. Any time you get to have an experience with an Imagineer, the people who design and create the Disney magic, I think it is just so amazing! These people have create so many memorable moments, designed our favourite characters and given us these incredible parks, so I think to spend any time with such wonderfully creative people is such a awesome opportunity!


If you are a fan of Imagineers like me Animal Kingdom have an incredible dining experience for you! You get to enjoy food at Tiffins whilst dining with Joe Rohde, the lead designer of Animal Kingdom Park. What an opportunity! You will hear all about how Joe Rohde and his team of Imagineers travelled the world to make sure every element of the park was authentic and just how they created this stunning park! This experience is temporarily suspended but one to put on the bucket list if you want to know more about Imagineering and how these talented people create these amazing Disney Parks.

Animation Station is based at Rafiki's Planet Watch, which you can get to by riding the Wild Life Express train. It's a lovely journey and you can see behind the scenes of how Disney look after the animals at Animal Kingdom. Rafiki's Planet Watch also allows you to learn much more about conservation and give you a glimpse of how the vets care for the animals at this park.

Expedition Everest

A trip to Animal Kingdom wouldn't be complete without riding this iconic rollercoaster! As well as being thrilling, the theming for this ride is stunning! From the moment you step into the queue, until the moment you leave you are totally transported to Everest. The level of detail is incredible! But beware of the yeti!

After wrapping up our last day at Animal Kingdom we were off to experience a fan favourite dinner at Ohana!

Ohana for Dinner

This restaurant is super popular and always recommend to dine at! Because of this it is one of the hardest to get dining reservations. But with good planning it can be done!


To learn how to score the hardest to get dining reservations, as well what the hidden gem restaurants are, money saving tips and tons of planning templates be sure to purchase Your Most Magical Dining Guide and Planner for Walt Disney World. Over 100 pages all about dining at Disney! Plus there is also Your Most Magical Vegan Guide and Planner for Walt Disney World which talks about all the vegan options at all 6 Disney Parks, Disney Resorts and Disney Springs as well as all the tips and planning templates mentioned above to help you plan your most magical dining experiences at Disney World! See the full range of Most Magical Guides and Planners here!

Ohana is at the Polynesian Village Resort, which we already know is one of my dream resorts! It is just such a stunning resort and the theming is beautiful.

Ohana serves family style skillets featuring Hawaiian dishes and gives you Hawaiian hospitality and entertainment! Enjoy the ukulele whilst dining on stir fry vegetables, noodles and dumplings. Ohana is famous for it's pineapple coconut bread and bread pudding. There is also an amazing vegan version of every course at Ohana. Delicious food for everyone!

And that wraps up another awesome day at Disney!

In tomorrows blog it is another trip to Magic Kingdom to eat all the iconic snacks, enjoy our favourite attractions before enjoying an incredible fine dining meal with views over Magic Kingdom at California Grill!

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