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The Walt Disney World Trip That Never Was - Day Seven!

Today is the Key to the Kingdom Tour day! Or it should have been. During my last trip I was due to go on this tour but fell ill, so sadly had to cancel. As soon as I started planning my next Disney World trip I knew I would be booking this tour again!

Keys to the Kingdom Tour

The Keys to the Kingdom Tour takes you behind the scenes at Magic Kingdom. It is a 5 hour walking tour which will take you backstage to see areas of the park Guests never normally get to see. I think that is just so exciting! You get a real insight into how the park operates and discover the evolution of the park, from when Walt Disney started creating it, until now and how it continues to grow. It is a tour filled with facts and trivia and the perfect experience for any Disney fan!


The Keys of the Kingdom tour is only $99 which I think it is a steal! For such a long, in-depth tour I think you definitely are getting your money’s worth. You are sure to experience Magic Kingdom in ways you have never imagined before!

I was super excited to go backstage and see areas that Guests don’t get to visit, particularly the utilidors! Have you ever wondered why you never see Cast Members arriving for work with their bags or dodging through the crowds to get to where they need to be? This is because they use the utilidors, a series of large tunnels underneath Magic Kingdom, that allow Cast Members to get around without being seen by Guests. And on this tour you get to walk through them! This is one of the main reasons I want to experience this tour. It would be so amazing to walk underneath the park and in the famed utilidors!


Lunch is included in the price of the Keys of the Kingdom Tour so you can save some money on food!

Lunch at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

During the Keys of the Kingdom Tour you get to dine at Pecos Bills Tall Tale Inn and Café and it is included in the price of the tour. I have seen that previously Columbia Harbour House and Tomorrowland Terrace have also been options but you won’t know until the day of your tour where you will be dining. Before your tour starts they will show you the menu of the restaurant and you get to pick your lunch so it will be ready waiting for you when you arrive during your tour.


If you have any dietary requirements you are able to contact the tour team beforehand to let them know so they can tell you what options are available for you. This is always a good idea to do as they may not have any options at are suitable for you as standard. Disney love to make their Guests happy so if you let them know in advance they will do what they can to accommodate you!

I have never eaten at Pecos Bills before. A lot of people have recommended this quick service Mexican eatery to me for the famous toppings bar. I love that you can customise your meal by adding all the yummy extras you desire! I was looking forward to trying this!

Back To The Tour!

Tours are a fabulous way to get to know behind the scenes details and interesting information about the Disney Parks. I love that if you have visited the parks before this is a really great way to see the parks through new eyes and is a unique experience to have. You also get to ride some classic Disney rides, such as Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion and take a peek backstage! This is a bucket list activity for many Disney fans and I think a highlight to any trip!

Because you get to see behind the magic during this tour it is only available for Guests aged 16 and upwards.

All tours are temporarily suspended until further notice. I cannot wait for them to come back and hopefully third times the charm and I will get to finally enjoy this tour!

When the Park Closes Early is it the Best Day to Visit?

After the tour had finished we planned to spend the rest of the day enjoying Magic Kingdom. I didn’t have any set plans other than to soak up the atmosphere and see what rides we could fit in.

Today would have been a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party night which means that the park would close to non-party guests at 6pm. This may seem like a really bad day to visit the park as you are not getting the full hours you have paid for. But it may actually be a great time to visit!

Because you get less hours than usual a lot of people avoid Magic Kingdom on party days because they want to get their full moneys worth out of their ticket (which totally makes sense!). If you are only visiting Disney for a few days then you definitely want to get your monies worth! However if you are visiting for a longer period of time and have multiple Magic Kingdom days planned then a party day can be a great day to visit due to the smaller crowds.

Grand Floridian Café for Dinner

After a long day of walking I planned for us to take the short monorail trip to the Grand Floridian Resort for dinner. This is such an iconic Disney Resort and full of olde worlde charm.

I have eaten at the Grand Floridian Café before and had an amazing brunch here.

This restaurant is kind of a hidden gem as many people will choose to dine at 1900 Park Fare, due to the character dining experience, or inside Magic Kingdom. But if you take the very short journey to the Grand Floridian you can have a lovely, relaxing break from the parks and some really good food.

The dinner menu offers a range of different cuisines, so there is something for everyone's taste. This is another restaurant that also offers multiple vegan options. It is so awesome when you have choices!

And that ends the seventh day of the trip that never was!

In tomorrows blog we will be discussing having a day planned out to explore your resort, why Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of my dream Disney Resorts, how to get free parking at Universal Studios and I reveal which doughnuts are the best in Orlando (and possibly the world!)

If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World be sure to check out the full range of Most Magical Guides and Planners to help making planning your trip easy! Click here!

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