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The Best Ever Disney Quiz Questions - Disney at Home Series

With so many of us still unable to travel I have been sharing tips on how to bring some Disney into your home! This week I am listing some of the best questions (and the answers!) you can ask if you are holding a Disney Quiz.

Covering everything from films, characters and the parks this ultimate Disney quiz will test your knowledge on everything Disney!

So get ready to show off your expertise and enjoy this quiz!

1) What is Sleeping Beauty's name?

2) Which Disney animated movie does Joaquin Phoenix voice the main character?

3) What is Tarzan's female companion called?

4) Who is the only Disney Princess with brothers?

5) What is Nemo's dad's name?

6) Which Broadway star is the voice of Jasmine (Aladdin 1992) and Mulan (1998)

7) What is the goldfish in Pinocchio called?

8) In the animated film of Cinderella from which foot did she lose her slipper?

9) Name the 7 Dwarfs

10) Mickey Mouse first spoke in 1929. What were his first words?

11) What are the ugly step sisters in Cinderella named?

12) Who is the youngest Disney princess?

13) What are the names of Ursula's eel minions?

14) What does Simba mean in Swahili?

15) What is Lady Tremaine's cat in Cinderella called?

16) Name one out of the three Pixar films that contain no human characters

17) What is the name of Ray's love in Princess and the Frog? Bonus point question - What was she?

18) James Earl Jones plays Mufasa in The Lion King. Which iconic baddie does he play in an acquired Disney franchise?

19) What is the name of Ariel and Prince Eric's daughter?

20) How many brothers does Prince Hans have in Frozen?

21) In Peter Pan what is Wendy's surname?

22) Which Disney Princess is the only character based on a real person?

23) Name the three good fairies in Sleeping Beauty

24) Who is the only main Disney character from a film who doesn't speak?

25) What is the name of Buzz Lightyear's arch nemesis?

26) What is the yellow and blue ball seen in a number of Pixar movies called?

27) What name did Walt Disney originally give Mickey Mouse?

28) Which iconic Disney composers wrote the songs 'It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow' and 'it's a small world?'

29) How many oscars has Disney Composer Alen Menkin won

30) Which film was Walt Disney awarded an honorary Oscar for? Bonus Point Qustion - What was special about it?

31) Which Disney directors (Ratatouille, The Incredibles) was also the voice of Edna Mode?

32) How many Oscar's have Disney won for best original song?

33)What is the name of Walt Disney's hometown? Bonus point question- What part of Disney World is based on Marceline?

34) Name the imagineer that created the iconic colour scheme for it's a small world?

35) Which was the first Disney park in the world and what year did it open?

36) What year did Disney World Open?

37) How many Disney Resort Hotels are there at Walt Disney World?

38) How many Disney Parks are there in the world?

39) How many opening day attractions are still at Disney World? (Bonus point for each one you can name)

40) Which two Disney World attraction still in the parks debuted at the World's Fare in 1964?

41) Which Disney Imagineer was the lead designer that created Animal Kingdom park?

42) What is the name of the secret tunnels that run under Magic Kingdom park?

43) What does EPCOT stand for?

44) Which statue is in the plaza near the train station when you first walk into Magic Kingdom? Bonus point question - What is it called?

45) What are the names of each of the castles in each Disney park in the world? One point for each correct answer

46) Which Walt Disney World Park is the biggest?

47) How many countries are in World Showcase in EPCOT? Bonus point question - Can you name all of them?

48) How many cruise ships do Disney own? Bonus point question - name them (one point for each correct answer)

49) What is the name of Disney's private island?

50) Which song is the cruise liners horn playing?

How do you think you did? Check out the answers below!

1) Aurora

2) Brother Bear

3) Jane Porter

4) Merida

5) Marlin

6) Lea Salonga