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If You Are A Solo Traveller Here Is Why You Should Join An Amuslly Disney World Meetup!

A solo trip to Walt Disney World can be an awesome way to explore the parks on your own terms. But solo travel can feel a bit daunting at times.

Luckily there is an amazing company who are to help you to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Amuslly arranges Disney World meetups which are perfect for solo travellers wanting to meet likeminded people and fellow Disney fans whilst visiting Disney World!

Amuslly arranges small groups of 4 to 8 people to visit theme parks around Florida. They will always try to create groups of even numbers because as we all know everything in theme parks is usually in 2's or 4's, such as the seating arrangement on rides!

The small group size is perfect for being able to get on rides and making dining reservation and is also the perfect size to be able to get to know everyone well!

Let's look at some of the other amazing benefits to an Amuslly meetup.

It Is Easier To Get Dining Reservations!

Disney's dining reservation system puts solo travellers at a disadvantage as often when you look for a party of one no reservations are available. However if you were to put in 4 diners suddenly there are reservations! Being in an Amuslly group will help you get to score all the amazing dining reservations you have been trying to get!

No More Awkward Meals Dining Alone!

One of the biggest hurdles people face when travelling solo is dining alone. This is a worry a lot of people have and often times this may lead to people only dining at quick service locations as you can be in and out quickly and inconspicuously.

As part of an Amuslly meetup you never have to worry about dining alone again! Plus you can now feel more comfortable to visit table service restaurants, family-style meals and character dining experiences!

Always Someone To Sit With On Rides - No Stranger Danger!

Riding solo can sometimes bring with it the fear of who may you be sat next to! You never need to worry about this again as part of an Amussly meetup! Amuslly aims for each group to be made up of an even number of people so you will always have someone to sit next to!

Get The Most Out Of Your Annual Pass!

If you are a Disney World Annual Pass Holder sometimes you don't get to visit as often as you would like because your friends and family aren't free to visit when you would like to. This can mean losing out on days you've paid for in the Disney Parks.

With an Amuslly meetup you can now go with an amazing group of likeminded individuals and get the most bang for your buck out of your annual pass!

People To Help You Decide What You Should Buy

It is almost impossible to visit Disney World without buying some merchandise. But which spirit jersey should you buy? Which Mickey Ears match your outfit? Now you have a whole squad to help you pick!

Someone To Take Your Photo!

With Disney Photo Pass photographers no longer able to handle your devices you will now have a whole crew of people to help you get all your must have shots!

Plus you can take awesome group photos to help you remember the amazing memories you have created together.

You Can Save Money!

A trip to Disney can be pricey but when you visit in a group you can save some money!

One of the biggest ways an Amuslly meetup can save on spending is when dining. Snacks and meals can be expensive but when in a group you have lots of options to share. Split a quick service meal, order an appetizer for the table or goes halves on a giant snack. This way you don't have to miss out on all the amazing food on offer and can make your dining much more affordable!

Meet New People Every Time

Every time you attend an Amuslly meetup you will meet new people. And new people means new friends! Being able to spend the day with likeminded theme park lovers is a great way to forge new friendships.

Want To Join An Amuslly Meetup?

To book an Amuslly meet up there are 4 easy steps to take.

1) Buy your Disney World Park Ticket and book your Disney World Park Pass reservations via My Disney Experience.

2) Book the day for your Amuslly meetup! You can do this on the Amuslly website by clicking here. Choose from a one day meetup or the 4 Disney Parks in 4 days option!

3) 24 hours before your meetup you will receive an email with all the details of where to meet and what time. You will also now be able to email the other adventurers in your group! This is the perfect time to introduce yourself before your trip and get to know your new Disney pals!

4) Have fun! You are going to have an incredible day with some amazing, likeminded people to come prepared for lots of joyful experiences!

As a frequent solo traveller myself I love the idea of being able to share the experience with other people and to meet up with other people who are just as excited to be at Disney World as I am! A trip to Disney leaves you with so much to talk about and being able to share the excitement with people is half the fun!

If you would like to take part in an Amuslly Disney World meet up then head to the Amuslly website to find out more and book!

To start planning your next Disney World trip be sure to check out the full range of my helpful guide and planning templates to help you prepare for every aspect of your trip! You can view the full range in the Most Magical Shop or in my Etsy Store!

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