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Vegan Food I Ate At Disneyland Paris!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Disneyland Paris is famous for not being an easy place to be vegan! Before arriving I was worried about the lack of options. But on my recent trip to Disneyland Paris in November 2021 I was super impressed with the vegan food I ate!

Before my trip I did tons of research and luckily through looking at the Disneyland Paris menus, checking vlogs and blogs for reviews and seeking advice for fellow vegans who had been I managed to find just what I could eat. Check out my Vegan Disneyland Paris page so you can have all the vegan options at Disneyland Paris in one place!

Although the vegan options are not bountiful everything I ate was really good. Like REALLY good!

I loved how most meals were whole foods and packed full of vegetables. Very few faux meats or processed foods were used (which is very different from Disney World!). The ingredients were all fresh which made the meals delicious. The types of meals on offer were diverse so I was super pleasantly surprised!

Check out below all the awesome food I got to enjoy whilst in Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park!

On Day 1 I visited Disneyland Park and had the best time being back at Disney!

Day One - Disneyland Park and Disney Village

On my first day I arrived in Disneyland Paris around midday, headed straight to Sleeping Beauty Castle for photos after its beautiful makeover, went on Pirates of the Caribbean as my first ride and then decided to grab some food!

Fuente Del Oro Restaurante entrance in Frontierland

Vegan Burrito - Fuente Del Oro

For lunch I went to Fuente Del Oro in Frontierland as I had heard amazing things about the vegan burrito here. I was also so excited as this is one of the only items that is actually marked as vegan on a Disneyland Paris menu!

This is a popular quick service location so it took me around 25 minutes to queue to order my food. There were plenty of tables so I was easily able to find somewhere to sit.

I loved the Coco theming in this restaurant! The Dante in the courtyard and the Coco decor was beautiful!

When I received my order I was impressed as the burrito was huge!

Vegan Burrito from Fuente Del Oro Restaurante in Disneyland Paris

I loved that the burrito came in a wrapper that said it was vegan so it is clearly marked and no confusion could be had!

The vegan burrito is made with vegan chilli, rice, guacamole, tomatoes, onion and coriander.

The Vegan Burrito from Fuente Del Oro was my favourite quick service meal in Disneyland Paris!

This vegan burrito tasted super good! The chilli was excellent! It had lots of beautiful warm spices but was not spicy, so if heat is something you are worried about you would be fine with this.

The guacamole and fresh tomatoes were really complimentary to the chilli. You couldn't taste much of the cheese but it is nice that an actual vegan cheese has made an appearance at Disneyland Paris!

The vegan burrito at Fuente Del Oro costs 11 and the restaurant can be found opposite Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland.

I would definitely come back here for this burrito! It is such a fantastic and delicious vegan option and makes a difference from the cereal salad that is on most quick service menus!

Check out my video review of the vegan food at Fuente Del Oro in the video below!

Annette's Diner in Disney Village is an American diner where the servers are on rollerskates!

Veggie Burger - Annette's Diner

For dinner I headed into Disney Village to go to one of the most popular restaurants, Annette's Diner. I had eaten here previously before I was vegan and loved the 50's theming and the servers on rollerskates!

I ordered the Veggie Burger. This is made with panko breaded tofu, aubergine, courgette, avocado, cherry tomatoes, peppers and rocket inside two portobello mushrooms, which serve as the bun. (The bread buns here have an egg wash so aren't vegan).

The burger comes with fries and a kiwi wasabi sauce.

The Veggie Burger from Annette's Diner in Disney Village, Disneyland Paris

Some modifications need to be made to make this dish vegan. I ordered without the mozzarella cheese, coleslaw and pesto. I did explain to my server that I wanted to make the burger vegan. She was super helpful and passed the information over to the chef. The chef then stated that the pesto was in fact vegan. (I would recommend always checking as suppliers and recipes can change).

I really enjoyed this burger! There were so many different types of vegetables and it was amazing to have so much variety and a dish packed full of veggies! They were grilled really nicely and had a great, fresh flavour. The fries were also tasty.

The kiwi wasabi sauce was really unusual and unique. If you love wasabi or horseradish this is such a great sauce! You get the slight heat from the wasabi and then the sweetness from the kiwi.

The Veggie Burger is packed full of grilled vegetables. A great vegan option in Disney Village!

The veggie burger cost €18. I would absolutely come back to Annette's for this burger again. I just loved having so many delicious grilled vegetables in one dish! It felt like a healthier version of a traditional burger meal which I loved.

As I was a solo traveller I was asked if it would be OK for me to sit at the bar. I knew that rush hour was about to start so I didn't mind. The bar is opposite the kitchen so you can see everything being prepared. This was also handy for me as the chef could speak directly to me to let me know the pesto was vegan. If you would like to sit at a table or booth just let the server know your preference.

Starting the day with Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy and Chip and Dale!

Day Two - Disneyland Paris and Disney Village

On my second day I headed back to Disneyland Park to explore more, do some shopping and ride even more attractions!

Quinoa Salad, Vegetable Curry and Fruit Soup - Captain Jack's

I had made a reservation for Captain Jack's Restaurant at lunchtime which I was so excited about! The fact this restaurant is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is incredible! To be able to watch the boats sail past, whilst in such a beautiful and highly themed restaurant is amazing!

Captain Jack was there to welcome me to Captain Jack's Restaurant!

Captain Jack's offers a three-course set menu for €42, called the Pirate's Treasure Menu. You can select a starter, main and dessert. Drinks are not included. Luckily there is a vegan option in each course, although they are not marked as vegan on the menu. Just let your server know you are vegan so they can make any modifications that are needed to the dishes.

My server at Captain Jack's was called Clara and she was incredible! She was super knowledgeable about vegan food, really friendly and kept checking in on me. She really made my experience special so thank you so much Clara!

The Quinoa Salad from Captain Jack's is vegan and tasty!

The starter was a Quinoa Salad with a Spicy Cashew Vinegarette.

The quinoa salad was really flavourful and had beautiful spices running through it. This dish wasn't spicy, it just had a fantastic curry powder flavour.

I really enjoyed the cashew vinegarette. I found it more creamy than spicy and it blended perfectly with the curry spices from the quinoa.

The portion size was great and overall this was very tasty.

The Vegetable Curry was packed full of vegetables. A great vegan dish in the incredible setting of Captain Jack's Restaurant!

The main dish was a Vegetable Curry with Plantain. Usually this curry would be served with rice but as that contains butter the rice was swapped for green beans instead.

I loved that this curry was packed full of vegetables. This is a running theme at Disneyland Paris and it was one of the reasons the vegan food was so good! Instead of 2 or 3 types of vegetables, you get 5 or 6 so the variety really added to the dish.

I am not usually a fan of plantain (as bananas are my least favourite food!) but this plantain was amazing! It added a great sweetness to the dish and was cooked to perfection!

I also liked the shaved almonds on top to add a bit of texture.

The only downside was the flavour profile was quite similar to the starter, with similar spices being used, so although the dishes were different the taste was almost the same.

The Fruit Soup at Captain Jack's Restaurant was one of my favourite vegan desserts at Disneyland Paris!

The dessert was a mysterious Fruit Soup. I had no idea what a Fruit Soup would be but this ended up being one of my favourite desserts I had at Disneyland Paris!

This dish was made with small cubes of fruits, such as pineapple, apple and kiwi, in a sweet syrup and was topped with a coconut whipped cream. I really enjoyed this dessert! It was nice to have a healthier option, but the coconut whipped cream and syrup gave a nice sweetness so it really felt like a dessert!

Fuente Del Oro is one of the only locations in Disneyland Paris with a vegan snack!

Churros - Fuente Del Oro

I had heard that the churros at Fuente Del Oro were vegan so they were a must-try for me during my trip! This afternoon I headed back to this quick service restaurant for a snack.

The churros are accidentally vegan so you just need to order them without the Nutella sauce for them to be totally vegan!

Vegan Churros from Fuente Del Oro in Disneyland Paris

The churros were beautifully golden. Some were covered in more sugar than others but you could always shake them up a bit to try and even this out.

My churros had been sitting for a while so weren't super soft. I think if you managed to get fresh ones they would be divine!

They didn't blow me away but it was nice to have a warm snack on a cold day and as this is one of the only vegan sweet treats you can get at Disneyland Paris it was nice to have them as an option.

The churros cost €4.30.

Planet Hollywood in Disney Village has three vegan options on the menu!

Spaghetti Bolognese - Planet Hollywood

For dinner I headed into Disney Village. Originally I had planned to get the vegan portobello mushroom sandwich from Earl of Sandwich as it sounded amazing but sadly when I arrived they had removed this option! (Boo!).

As it had gone 5pm a lot of the restaurants in the parks were now closed so I needed to find somewhere in Disney Village to eat. I eventually settled on Planet Hollywood. It was not my original first choice but I was super hungry and with limited options of where I could dine I knew Planet Hollywood did have vegan options so I popped in there.

Planet Hollywood is such a fun restaurant with movie props and costumes on display

The decor is a classic Planet Hollywood, with lots of memorabilia from movies decorating the entire restaurant. It is really fun to see costumes and props from iconic films and they even had Disney decor to fit with the location!

The vegan spaghetti bolognese from Planet Hollywood was a hearty meal

Planet Hollywood has three vegan options on the menu, a spaghetti bolognese, a poke bowl and a chocolate cake. They each had a vegan symbol to let you know a dish could be made vegan upon request.

To be honest I wasn't expecting much as I feel like restaurants like this are about the experience rather than the food but I was pleasantly surprised. The Spaghetti Bolognese was tasty and was a massive portion!

Although bolognese can be a bit basic this dish really did taste exactly the same as bolognese, so if you are looking for a meal with a meat alternative this is a good option.

The vegan spaghetti bolognese cost around €18 (I've lost my receipt but it was around €18 or slightly less!)

I really wanted to try the chocolate cake as it was amazing to see a proper vegan dessert on the menu but I was so full from my main that I couldn't manage it!

What I liked most about my time at Planet Hollywood was the staff! They were super friendly and chatty and it was so nice they went out of their way to make you feel welcome. This is something I experienced a lot at Disneyland Paris and I think when the cast members see a solo traveller they go above and beyond to make you feel welcome!

On day three I visited Walt Disney Studios Park and saw the Disney Junior Dream Factory show!

Day Three - Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park

An unexpected cold snap happened overnight so day three was freezing!

Today I visited Walt Disney Studios Park for the first time during this trip. I got to go on one of my favourite rides, Tower of Terror, and explore some of the areas of the park that had been updated since my last trip. Luckily I could also get out of the cold and go inside to watch Sitch Live! and Disney Jr Dream Factory.

I had a lunch booking in Disneyland Park so after spending the morning in the Studios I headed back into Disneyland.

Looking for the best vegan food in Disneyland Paris? Then visit Silver Spur Steakhouse!

Salad, Skewer and Stewed Berries with Silken Tofu - Silver Spur Steakhouse

I had lunch booked for Silver Spur Steakhouse and I was super excited to eat here! The menu at this restaurant had been updated earlier in 2021 and now had three vegan options marked on the menu which is rare to see!

A steakhouse isn't the first restaurant that comes to mind when you think of vegan dining but having seen the options I couldn't wait to dine here!

I had the Sherrif's Menu, which is a three-course meal for €40. You could also have a two-course meal for €30.

The vegan salad at Silver Spur Steakhouse was one of the best dishes I ate! I still think about it!

The starter was a Vegan Salad made with kidney beans, avocado, tomato, peppers, red onion, lettuce, vegan protein (I think it was pea protein) and tossed in a citrus vinegarette.

When the starter on the menu is a salad I never expect too much but honestly this might be the best thing I ate at Disneyland Paris! It was so delicious!

The vegetables were all so fresh that the flavours were bursting through. The citrus vinegarette was light but gave so much flavour. I cannot tell you how good this was! I still think about this salad even now!

The portion was also really big so you don't feel like you are missing out by having a salad as a starter.

The vegan skewer comes with vegan sausage and vegan meatballs as well as lots of delicious veg. This dish was so realistic I had to check it was indeed vegan!

The main was a Vegan Skewer. On the menu it states it is a skewer made with onions and cherry tomatoes and comes with mangetout, grilled corn and roasted herb potatoes.

I was expecting just grilled vegetables on the skewer so when the dish arrived with what looked like meat I checked with the server that this was the vegan option, which she reassured me it was.

As well as grilled vegetables the skewer also had vegan sausage and vegan meatballs. When I bit into them they were so realistic I had to check once again that they were not meat! The server did assure me this was vegan meat.

The vegan skewer at Silver Spur Steakhouse was one of my favourite dishes I ate

At first the faux meat was so realistic it was a little off-putting. This is something to be aware of if you don't like this type of food!

This whole dish was so, so delicious! All of the sides were also outstanding. The corn tasted super buttery, the potatoes were perfectly cooked. There was also a tomato stew which was super tasty!

By this point in the meal I was already convinced this was the best meal I was going to have at Disneyland Paris! Everything was so incredible!

The vegan dessert at Silver Spur Steakhouse was stewed fruit with silken tofu. A really unique dessert.

The dessert was stewed fruit with silken tofu which sounded really unique and I've never had a dessert like this before so I was excited to try it.

The stewed fruit was really nice and tart which blended perfectly with the creamy silken tofu. The tofu had been blended with cashews so gave a really nice nutty flavour. The blueberries and popcorn on top gave some texture which was nice.

The dessert reminded me a bit of a post version of a Muller Corner yogurt!

The only thing to note was the dessert was very cold!

I have to say this was the best meal I had at Disneyland Paris! I still dream about this! Silver Spur Steakhouse is my top pick and will be the first reservation I make for my next trip! I could actually eat here every day of the trip it was that good!

On day four I got to meet Mickey and he was in his Christmas costume!

Day Four - Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland and

Hotel New York: The Art Of Marvel Hotel

On day four I did another split day, starting in Walt Disney Studios Park, having lunch at Bistro Chez Remy and then going to Disneyland Park to meet Mickey in his Christmas Costume! I then had an evening reservation at Manhattan Restaurant and I could not wait to visit the newly renovated Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel hotel!

I started my day in Walt Disney Studios Park where I finally got to ride Ratatouille The Adventure! When I last visited Disneyland Paris this ride had just opened and had 3 hour queues so I didn't get to ride it so I was super excited to finally get to experience this!

Salad and Tofu Navarin - Bistro Chez Remy

For lunch I had a dining reservation for Bistro Chez Remy, which is right next door to the ride and in fact when you exit the ride you can see inside this incredible restaurant!

Bistro Chez Remy in Walt Disney Studios Park is the best Disney themed restaurant I have been to!

Bistro Chez Remy is so highly themed! Once you step inside you become the size of a rat and everything is oversized! I have to say this is my favourite themed restaurant I have been to in any Disney park! It is so brilliantly done and I loved how cocktail umbrellas became shade umbrellas over tables, bottle tops became the back of seats and huge knives and forks became wall decorations!

There are two menus to choose from here, both with a two-course or three-course version. I went with the slightly cheaper menu as this is where the vegan options were.

I ordered from the two-course Remy Menu which cost €34.

The salad at Bistro Chez Remy can be modified to be vegan and was super tasty!

The starter was a Salad made with mixed greens, sundried tomatoes, radishes and a vegetable vinegarette. This dish comes with cheese and an egg so I ordered without these to make this dish vegan.

At first there was a little confusion as I don't think I explained myself well enough to my server what foods I couldn't eat. Original my salad arrived with cheese on top (on the menu it is called Cantal, which is a type of French cheese, so by looking at the menu it is not totally clear cheese is part of the dish). The server straight away replaced my salad and was super helpful.

The salad was really nice. The salad leaves were a bit bitter, like fricassee, which when combined with the sweet sundried tomatoes and tangy vinegarette were the perfect blend! This was another excellent salad! The chefs at Disneyland Paris really think their dishes through and salad, which can be basic and boring, are always delicious, fresh and elevated.

The tofu and vegetable navarin at Bisto Chez Remy can be modified to be vegan and is packed full of vegetables

The main course was a Vegetable and Tofu Navarin. I wasn't totally sure what a navarin was or what the dish would contain but I had read before my trip that a butter sauce was part of this dish so I did ask the server to remove the butter sauce for me.

After the slight confusion with the salad I spoke to my server to double-check no dairy would be used in the dish. My server was super helpful and let me know everything was cooked in oil specifically for me to replace the dairy.

The dish was made with carrots, potatoes, green beans, butter beans, cubes of tofu and came with a little light sauce or broth in the bottom. The dish was light and the main flavour was each of the vegetables as there was no real sauce.

I did enjoy this dish but in essence it was just cooked vegetables so wasn't a standout dish. I think if you wanted to dine inside this amazingly themed restaurant it is definitely worth the trip but for the food alone it may not be my first choice.

The decor in Bistro Chez Remy is so cute!

This was also the only restaurant where I had a bit of a language barrier. When travelling abroad it can sometimes be difficult to put across your dietary requirements when you don't speak the language. It is always handy to keep on your phone a translation to say you are vegan and what ingredients you can't eat in the language of the country you are in to make things a bit easier and this is something I will definitely have on me during my next trip to try and overcome the language barrier so I can clearly communicate with the server in their language.

After my meal here I said goodbye to Walt Disney Studios Park for this trip and headed back into Disneyland Park. One thing I had yet to do was meet Mickey Mouse so that was my top priority! As I was visiting a few days before the official Christmas celebrations began it was so nice to see him and Pluto in their Christmas outfits!

After a full day I then went back to my hotel, the Hotel Cheyenne, to rest and then get ready for my meal at The Art of Marvel hotel.

Manhattan Restaurant is in Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel. A must visit for Marvel fans!

Minestrone Soup, Buckwheat Pasta, Chocolate and Pear Dessert - Manhattan Restaurant - Hotel New York The Art of Marvel Hotel

I had been so excited to visit this brand new hotel! After years of renovations the Hotel New York is now Marvel themed and it looked incredible!

I had a reservation for a later dinner at Manhattan Restaurant. This is one of two restaurants at Hotel New York, the other being a buffet called Downtown. There is also an excellent bar if you would like to be able to spend some time in this elegant hotel! If you are a Marvel fan you must take a visit to this hotel, even if it is just for a drink, a meal or to have a look around. It really is incredible!

As Manhattan Restaurant is new the many actually had the vegan options marked on it which is always fantastic to see! I hope this is something that rolls out across Disneyland Paris for all their vegan fishes in the future!

The restaurant decor is incredibly elegant and high-end. It really is themed to be like a fine dining restaurant in New York. This is a giant, beautiful crystal chandelier in the centre of the restaurant, and this is exactly where I sat.

Manhattan Restaurant has a three-course set menu called the Greenwich Village Menu which cost €42. You can also order a la carte.

The vegan starter at Manhattan Restaurant is a Minestrone Soup

The starter was a Minestrone Soup. This was yet another dish that was packed full of vegetables. It was a nice starter option, with a pleasant flavour. I did like that it was quite light as you then had room for the heavier main and dessert!

The vegan Buckwheat Pasta dish from Manhattan Restaurant was so creamy and delicious! One of the best dishes I had during my trip!

The main course was a Buckwheat Maltagliati Pasta with Pistachio Pesto, Fresh Tomatoes and Porcini Mushrooms.

This dish was incredible! It was super creamy, something you don't often find in vegan dishes. The mushrooms were really tasty and the pistachio crumb gave a lovely crunch. The flavour of this meal was excellent!

It was a heavy dish, from being so creamy, so I didn't manage to finish it. I would absolutely come back to Manhattan Restaurant just for this pasta dish!

How pretty does this vegan chocolate and pear dessert from Manhattan Restaurant look?

The dessert was Dark Chocolate and Olive Oil Cream, Hazlenut Crumble and Pears Cooked With Vanilla. As you can see it was presented beautifully!

I was expecting stewed pears but actually there were little cubes of pears and pieces of dried pear. The pear didn't have that much flavour, which was a shame, as it would have been nice to have the freshness of the pear to cut through the chocolate.

I was expecting the dark chocolate to be rich, and after such a filling main was a bit worried about a heavy dessert. The chocolate had been mixed with an olive oil cream and this made it more like milk chocolate, so the chocolate flavour wasn't as intense. This was good to make the dish feel lighter, but I would have liked a slightly stronger chocolate flavour.

The hazelnut crumble was more like an oat crumble or flapjack. It was a bit hard to cut but not hard to eat.

This dish did look better than it tasted. It wasn't bad by any means, but it did lack flavour. However it was amazing to see a proper dessert that was vegan!

The Art Of Marvel hotel has its own water at Manhattan Restaurant

With the set menu drinks aren't included. I went for the Art of Marvel branded water. The water is by Vittel but comes with a special label. It was a pretty hefty price tag of €5, but it was a slightly larger size of water than usual.

The three-course set menu costs €42 in total. Although this is pricy it is similar in cost to other three-course meals you will find at Disneyland Paris but this meal was far more elevated. To be honest I am surprised they don't charge more as this was definitely more of a fine dining experience than a traditional table service meal.

Manhattan Restaurant is a really great restaurant for your final night, a special occasion or birthday!

Christmas had arrived in Disneyland Paris on my final day!

Day Five - Disneyland Park

On my final day I went back to Disneyland Park and overnight the Christmas decorations had gone up! It was so amazing to start the week with Halloween and end it with Christmas!

I only had a half day to enjoy so I went back on all my favourite rides before grabbing a quick service lunch.

The only vegan options at quick service locations in Disneyland Paris are the vegan burrito at Fuente Del Oro, a cereal salad, vegan chilli from Last Chance Cafe and Neopolitan pasta. I had already tried the burrito, it was too cold for a salad and the only restaurant that served the vegan chilli was closed so I decided to try the Neopolitan pasta.

Pizzeria Bella Notte is a quick service restaurant inside Disneyland Park

Pasta Neopolitan - Pizzeria Bella Notte

I didn't have high expectations for a quick service pasta dish and pasta in just a tomato sauce can be a little boring. But as I needed something before heading to the airport, and it is nice to be able to try a new restaurant and a new dish, I went to Pizzeria Bella Notte in Fantasyland.

This restaurant is super cute and the interior is amazing! There is a Lady and the Tramp theme which I absolutely loved! For a quick service location this was super highly themed which made the experience feel special, even though you are in essentially a fast food joint.

How cute is this Lady and the Tramp mural?

The Neopolitan Rigatoni Pasta cost €12. You also have the option to have this dish as part of the meal deal for €14 where you also get a side salad and a soft drink.

Pizzeria Bella Notte has a Lady and the Tramp theme and is such a cute restaurant!

The chilli oil is also meant to be vegan so this is perfect to add to your pasts if you want to add some heat. You also get wooden cutlery at this restaurant which I was super happy to receive instead of plastic.

Pizzeria Belle Notte offers wooden cutlery to be more environmentally friendly

I was so pleasantly surprised by this meal! The tomato sauce had a rich flavour and was super tasty! The pasta was cooked perfectly. One thing to mention is that the sauce is on top of the pasta so the pasta further down the box is unsauced. I just mixed all the pasta and sauce together to make sure everything was covered.

The portion was also really big! When I first saw the box of pasta at the counter when I ordered I thought maybe I would feel not very full but the box is like a Tardis! Side it is much bigger than it looks so you end up with a really good sized portion!

The Neopolitan Pasta from Pizzeria Bella Notte is vegan! It is a big portion and come with a rich tomato sauce.

I was super impressed with the Neopolitan pasta and would definitely get it again. It is a good priced, tasty and hearty meal so you can't go wrong!

Overall the food I ate was excellent! I was so impressed with the flavours and variety of meals I had. I loved eating super fresh ingredients which made the dishes delicious. I did not have one bad meal which I was overjoyed about!

Although there are fewer vegan options available if you know in advance just what vegan food you can eat and where from you can select from a variety of different cuisines and styles of dining to find meals that are perfect for you.

Top Tips!

The most variety in vegan food choices can be found in table service restaurants. These meals do cost more but with only four vegan options across all of the quick service restaurants at Disneyland Paris (and even fewer if some of them are closed!) then adding some table services meals will really enhance your dining experience at Disney!

If you want dine in one of the table service restaurants be sure to book a reservation as they get full quickly! You can book via the Disneyland Paris app 60 days in advance of your trip.

There are very few vegan breakfast options at Disneyland Paris. To overcome this, and save some money, I took some cereal bars and nuts with me in my luggage and had breakfast in my room every morning before heading to the parks.

Be sure to always let your server know you are vegan and check if any modifications need to be made as suppliers or recipes can change!

The Disneyland Paris website has a list of all the restaurants where you can also see the menus and which restaurants are open and closed.

Check out my Vegan Food At Disneyland Paris page to know exactly what you can eat across all the restaurants in Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Village and the Disneyland Paris hotels!

Check out my Youtube channel to see my Disneyland Paris 2021 vlogs and be sure to subscribe and hit the bell for my upcoming vegan food at Disneyland Paris series!

Come and join my Most Magical Vegan Disney World Facebook group where you can ask any questions you have about being vegan at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World!

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