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Is Staying At A Disney World Resort Worth The Money Anymore?

Lots have changes have occurred at Disney World in the past year and a half and the Disney World Resorts have been impacted too.

So are the Disney Resorts still worth the money? What is different when staying at a Disney Resort now?

In this blog I will break down the pros and cons of staying at a Disney World Resort now and whether they offer value for money anymore!

The Pros

Free Transportation

Disney Resort Guests can take advantage of the free transportation that takes you all around Walt Disney World Resort.

All resorts have free buses that take you to the parks and Disney Springs but many also have a second mode of transport such as Disney Boats, the Monorail or the Skyliner.

Free transport is amazing as you don't need to hire a car to visit Disney World or pay for taxis or shuttles, you can get everywhere on site with their free transportation! This can help save you money and is super convenient.

Check out my blog post all about the free Disney transportation versus hiring a car.

Booking 10 Days Of Your Dining At The 60 Day Mark

Booking dining reservations is a big part of any Disney World trip and in the past year and a half has become harder than ever with fewer restaurants open and limited seating capacity.

One big advantage Disney Resort guests have is being able to book their entire trips dining (up to 10 days) at the 60 days mark!

People not staying in a Disney Resort can only book their dining reservations one day at a time, exactly 60 days before each date.

This is a massive benefit for resort guests as it means they have the best chance of booking the hardest to get dining reservations.

Check out my tips on how to get the most sought after dining reservations!

Cheaper Genie+

Disney have just announced that Brits purchasing new Disney World tickets will be able to add Genie+ to their booking for £6.99 a day. This is a great saving as Genie+ ususally costs $15 per day, per person!

This offer is currently for the newly released ticket for UK guests called the Magic Ticket. This replaces the previous Ultimate Ticket.

The difference between the new Magic Ticket and the old Ultimate Ticket is that the Magic Ticket requires you to set a date you will be visiting the parks, whereas Ultimate Tickets were undated (they just had to be used within the same year they were for).

The downside to this new dated ticket system is that ticket prices fluxcuate depending on the time of the year.

The benefits are that you can now use your 14 days ticket over an 18 day timespan (instead of the previous 15) which is great for people doing 3 week trips as you will have more flexibility!

The big bonus is being able to add Genie+ to the entirety of your trip for less than £100 for 2 weeks!

You don't have to add Genie+ to the entire trip. Instead you are able to purchase it one day at a time at $15 per person, per day. This can be a cheaper option as you may just want to try Genie+ for a few days of your trip, if you felt the parks were busy.

But if you are wanting to be able to skip the queue every day of your trip then adding on the Genie+ option for £6.99 is the best, and cheapest, way to do this!

Although this offer is technically only available to purchase with new tickets people there have been reports of people who have bought tickets or packages directly with Disney with the old Ultimate Ticket that have been able to add Genie+ for £6.99 a day to their booking!

Read more about how Genie+ works and my opinion piece on whether Genie+ will benefit, or ruin, your trip!

First To Book Individual Lightning Lane Passes

People staying in a Disney World Resort can book their Individual Lightning Lane Passes at 7am, whereas people staying off-site have to wait until the parks open to book theirs.

The Individual Lightning Lanes Passes can sell out so this is a bonus for resort guests. When this system was first introduced in October 2021 there were days where all the Individual Lighning Lane passes for some attractions were sold out before park opening, leaving day guests with no opportunity to purchase them.

If there are certain rides, such as Rise of the Resistance or Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, that you cannot miss during your trip staying at a Disney Resort can help ensure you can buy the Individual Lightning Lane passes to ride these attractions.

30 Minutes Early Entry To The Parks

Disney World Resort guests are able to enter the parks 30 minutes early each day. This gives them the advantage of being able to head straight to the rides they wish to ride and get on them first, before the park is open to day guests!

Extended Evening Hours

Disney World recently launched Extended Evening Hours. On select days of the week Magic Kingdom and EPCOT stay open for an extra 2 hours exclusively for deluxe and DVC resort guests. This is a way to experience the parks with far fewer people and shorter wait ti