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Could The 50th Anniversary Disney Dining Credits Offer Actually End Up Costing You MORE Money?!

Great news! Disney have just released their 2022 offer for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations at Walt Disney World! But is this a good deal? Will it save you much money? Could you possibly end up pay MORE to visit Disney World because of this offer?

Read below to find out if this deal is as good as it sounds and top tips to make your dining credits last longer!

Cinderella Castle with the caption 'Could The 50th Anniversary Dining Credits Offer Actually End Up Costing You More Money?'
Is the 2022 Disney World Dining Credits Offer a good deal? Or will you end up having to spend more money?

On 1st October 2021 Disney World will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary and to coincide with all the festivities is a new holiday package for visits in 2022.

With this deal you can receive up to $950 in dining credits per room, 14 day tickets for the price of 7 days, a $200 gift card and a celebration hamper.

Let's take a look into if this offer is a good deal or not, tips on how to best use your dining credits and the best dining locations to use them in!

Graphics detailing what is included in the offer. Up to $950 in dining credits, $200 gift card and 14 days for the price of 7 park tickets
All the benefits you receive from the Disney World 50th Anniversary 2022 Package


Included in the deal is the 14 days for the price of 7 ultimate ticket. This offer will get you 14 days of park tickets for around £33 a day which is excellent value! The more times you visit the parks over the 14 day period the better value it is!

The tickets are park hoppers so you can visit more than one park per day. This is the most flexible type of ticket and helps you make the most out of your trip.

Also included is the Memory Maker package where you get all your ride photographs and can have Disney photographers take professional images of you around the parks. The photos you get are amazing so this is great to have as part of the package!

You also receive a $200 gift card. This is excellent as you automatically have some spending money for souvenirs! (Or to put towards your dining costs...more on that later!). You can collect your gift card from World of Disney in Disney Springs.

Certain packages will also receive a celebration hamper. Included in the hamper is: two Unique 50th Celebration Lanyards with Medallions, two Traditional Black Mickey Ear Hats, two castle water bottles, a Mickey insulated cooler bag and a selection of snacks including a Bag of Chip & Dale Snack Co. Snack, Bag of Goofy's Candy Co. Candy, Bag of Cheetos, Bag of Doritos, Bag of Lay's Potato Chips and a Bag of Smart Popcorn.

The celebration hamper is only for certain room types at select moderate and deluxe resorts. You need to book your package by 17th July 2021 to qualify to receive the celebration hamper.

It is really nice to have some unique mementos of the 50th Anniversary to take home with you. The addition of some snacks is a fun touch but overall the celebration hamper is not adding a lot of worth to the package, but it is a lovely thought.

Now the big part of the offer - the dining credits! The Disney World dining credits are the big draw but are they really saving you a lot?

To get the dining credits you have to be staying at select resorts and in certain room types. If you wanted to stay at some of the resorts in a standard room you may not qualify for the offer, so be sure to check before booking!

Sometimes you have to select a higher category room to get the offer. This can lead to you spending more on a room than you were planning to be able to receive the dining credits, which may not work out to be cost effective.

Certain dates are also excluded so make sure you check the qualifying dates! Big holidays are excluded, such as Easter, so this could stop families from taking advantage of this offer if they can only travel during school holidays.

To get this offer Disney have removed other offers such as free nights or a percentage off. So you will be paying a full room rate. The perks, such as the $200 gift card and dining credits, will help towards reducing your costs whilst at Disney World but this offer is not necessarily the best deal in terms of the total cost of your trip.

Check out all the details at the Disney Packages Website Small Print which will let you know what resorts and types of room are included in the offer, plus you can get a PDF download of all the restaurants that are partaking in the dining credits.

Fish, microgreens and rice on an ochre coloured plate from California Grill at the Contemporary Resort.
How many meals will the new Disney World Dining Credit's offer get you? California Grill halibut entree $48.


Dining at Disney World can be super expensive! An average cost of a quick service meal, with a drink and taxes, is around $20 per person. A table service meal can range from $35 to almost $100 per person!

Having dining credits to help towards these costs is a great benefit! But how many meals will your dining credits get you?

Let's break it down.

We will use the average cost of a quick service meal which is $20.

If you get the $500 dining credit if you split this by 14 days you could get 25 quick service meals. If there are two of you in your group this equals 12 meals each. With the $500 dining credit you could each have one meal a day for 12 days.

With the $850 dining credit split over 14 days equals 34 quick service meals. Divided by 2 people this is 17 meals each. This amount would cover three days with two meals a day and eleven days of one meal a day.

If you have the $950 dining credit you can get 47 quick service meals. Divided by 2 this is 23 meals each. This works out as 2 meals a day for nine days and 1 meal a day for five days.

If you were travelling in a party of two and only ate at quick service restaurants your dining credits wouldn't cover all your dining expenses, no matter what tier of the offer you receive.<