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Is Disney Genie Going To Ruin Your Disney World Trip?!

Disney have announced that the FastPass+ system is no more! Coming this Fall Disney Genie will be a new system to help you plan your days at Disney World and skip the queue.

This news was met was confusion and disappointment. How will this new system work? Why will guests now have to pay to skip the queue? How much will this truly cost?

Now that the dust has settled we will take a deep dive into what exactly Disney Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lane are and to see whether Disney Genie will improve, or ruin, your Disney World trip.

What Is Disney Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lanes

Disney Genie will become part of the My Disney Experience app and will help you plan your day. Using algorithms Disney Genie can let you know the best time to ride attractions and dine.

You let the app know what you want to do in the day, by selecting which rides, restaurants and attractions you want to visit, and it will let you know the best times to do these.

Genie+ is a paid-for system where you can join the Lightning Lane for up to 40 attractions. The Lightening Lane is the new name for the FastPass lane.

For $15 per day, per ticket you can select one attraction at a time to skip the queue for. Once you have used your reservation you can then book your next pass.

The most popular rides, such as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Rise of the Resistance, will not be included in Genie+. Instead you can pay per ride to join the Lightning Lane for these attractions. The prices are yet to be released but will differ per ride and per day depending on how busy the parks are. This is similar to the Premier Access Pass at Disneyland Paris.

What Are The Benefits to Disney Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lane?

Firstly let's look at the good! The Disney Genie aspect of these newly announced features coming to My Disney Experience will help plan an itinerary for you which can be helpful if you have never visited Disney or aren't super keen on planning your days ahead of time.

Disney Genie will be able to tell you the best times of the day to ride an attraction, see a show or dine. Disney Genie will look at tons of data to help make your plans, with the aim being you getting the most out of your park days. By spending less time in queues guests should be able to fit more into their day and experience more of what the Disney World Parks have to offer.

Disney Genie will also be clever at spreading the crowds throughout Disney World. People tend to follow the same route around the parks, which means areas tend to be crowded and queues long because everyone is there at the same time. Disney Genie will seek to balance this out by dispursing people throughout the parks, depending on what their interests are.

Genie+ and Lightning Lane will be new ways to skip the queue. Both of these new features are paid for.

Genie+ costs $15 a day, per ticket and will allow you to use the Lightning Lane to skip the queue for up to 40 attractions at Disney World. You can make one reservation at a time. As soon as you have entered the Lightning Lane for that reservation you can make your next one. This is a similar system to the now retired Max Pass in Disneyland.

Genie+ can be used across all four parks, unlike FastPass+ where you could only book FastPasses for one park per day. The new Genie+ system will enable you to book your reservation to skip the queue in any park, which is great for people who like to park hop.

A select number of the most popular rides and attractions won't be included in Genie+. For these rides you will be able to purchase an additional pass to enter the Lightening Lane, which are charged per person, per ride.

The cost for this has yet to be released but Disney have announced it will fluctuate depending on how busy the parks are on the day. You are able to purchase up to two Lightning Lane passes per day. Rides thought to be included in this are Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Rise of the Resistance.

Genie+ or Lightning Lane passes will be optional to buy. You don't need to buy them to ride the attractions at Disney World and if the new system works as Disney predicts then wait times in the standard queues should be more manageable and you will spend less time waiting to ride.

You will still be able to wait in the standard queues and use the virtual queue system for rides like Rise of the Resistance and Remy's Ratatouille Adventure. Using the standard queue will just mean a longer wait than the Lightening Lane queue.

You will still be able to try to get your boarding passes for Rise of the Resistance and Remy's Ratatouille Adventure via their virtual queue systems at 7am and 1pm daily. People have been frustrated at how difficult it can be to score reservations using the virtual queue. The new Lightning Lane pass will allow you to guarantee your place to ride these super popular attractions, but for an additional cost.

This can be beneficial if there are rides you really want to enjoy but have not been able to get boarding passes for, or would have to have waited hours in the queues to ride. If you are doing a once in a lifetime trip, are travelling from overseas or are a big fan of a certain franchise or attraction, the Lightening Lane pass will guarantee you won't miss your chance to ride that attraction during your trip.

You will also be able to choose what days to use Genie+ or Lightning Lanes. You will not need to purchase them for the entirety of your trip (unless you want to of course!).

If you are visiting Disney World for 1, 2 or 3 weeks you don't need to pay every day of your trip. You can select which days you would like to buy these add ons. You may want to just do just 1 or 2 days with the Genie+ or 1 attraction with Lightning Lane during your entire trip. If you are visiting for a shorter period of time you might want to use Genie+ every day to get the most out of your visit. The flexibility to choose is a great benefit to this system.