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How To Plan Your Outfits For Disney World

Your Disney World trip is fast approaching so now it is time to start packing your bags! But what do you need to pack for a Disney World vacation? How many outfits will you need? What type of clothing should you bring?

How to Plan Your Outfits For Disney World - What To Pack and How To Match To The Disney Parks!

Find out all about what outfits to pack in your suitcase when visiting Disney World and how to create Disney themed outfits for your trip!

What You Need To Pack

The first thing to consider is the length of your trip. You will need at least one outfit a day (unless you are travelling for longer than a few days, we'll get to that soon!).

It is also good to think about what you plan to do. If you are in the Disney World Parks you will want clothes that are comfortable and light to help keep you cool. If you are visiting a water park you will want clothes that are easy to take on and off and are quick to dry.

You may also want to pack different outfits if you are planning to visit signature dining restaurants, having an evening out or are celebrating a special occasion.

If you are visiting in the colder winter months you may want to pack a sweatshirt or light jacket for the evenings when the temperature drops a little.

The main items of clothing to pack are:

  • At least one outfit per day of your trip

  • Swimwear

  • Nightwear

  • Underwear and socks

Additional items you might want to consider:

  • Poncho

  • Sweatshirt or light jacket (if visiting in the colder months)

  • Clothing for signature dining meals (if you are planning any)

  • Disney costumes for your children

  • Disney ears

If you are visiting Disney World for more than a few days you can easily end up with a bulging suitcase filled with lots of clothes! But there are ways to prevent this. Many hotels will have laundry facilities available; either a paid service where the hotel does it for you or washing machines that you can use yourself, just like a laundrette. This is super helpful if you are visiting Disney World for more than a week you can pack less in your case and wash your clothes! That leaves more room in your suitcase for souvenirs!

A good way to keep track of how many outfits you will need is by writing an itinerary. With an itinerary you can easily see what you are doing each day of your trip and can then work out how many outfits you will need in total.

Dress up For Signature Dining Restaurants at Disney World but still be park ready and comfortable!

Dress Up For Signature Dining

For signature dining restaurants Disney World has a suggested dress code.

The official website states:

“Guests are asked to adhere to the minimum dress code requirements at this Signature Dining experience. Dressier attire is also welcome. Please explore the minimum dress code requirements: Men must wear khakis, slacks or dress shorts and collared shirts. Jeans may be worn if in good condition. Sport coats are optional. Women must wear Capri pants, skirts, dresses or dress shorts. Jeans may be worn if in good condition. Not permitted are tank tops, flip-flops, swimsuits, swimsuit cover-ups, hats for gentlemen, cut-offs, torn clothing and t-shirts with offensive language and/or graphics.”

If you would like to eat at some of these excellent restaurants be sure to pack some additional outfits for this. The dress code is not super strictly enforced but to feel most comfortable in the surroundings it is a good idea to try to stick to the dress code if possible.

Signature dining restaurants in the parks are more accommodating as they realise you will have been visiting the parks.

In the picture above I was visiting Magic Kingdom. There are two signature dining locations here: Be Our Guest Restaurant and Cinderella's Royal Table. Wearing a shirt or blouse with a skirt, trousers or smart shorts or a dress is the perfect way to still be cool and comfortable in the park but also fit the dress code. For men a shirt with smart shorts or trousers would be a great option.

The only Disney World restaurant where the dress code is a strict requirement is Victoria & Albert's. This restaurant was voted one of the best in the United States and is a AAA Five Diamond restaurant. This wonderful dining location has a formal attire dress code.

The Disney World website states the dress code for Victoria & Albert's is as follows:

“Guests must wear proper attire. Men must wear dinner jackets with dress pants or slacks and shoes. Ties are optional. Women may wear a cocktail dress, nice dress, dressy pant suit or a skirt with a blouse. Jeans, shorts, capri pants, sandals, flip-flops or tennis shoes are not permitted.”

Men without a dinner jacket will be provided with one at the restaurant as this is a requirement to dine.

Creating a Disney outfit by wearing my Tower of Terror Ears and Disney Villains apparel!

Coordinate Your Outfit With The Disney Parks!

I love planning my outfits for Disney World as it means I can Disney Bound or match my outfits to the parks!

You can have a lot of fun playing about with what Disney outfit you can create as the possibilities are endless! For example when visiting Animal Kingdom I might wear an animal print dress, a safari themed outfit or a Lion King t-shirt, as above, for when meeting characters! You can create outfits based on the theme of the park, the rides and attractions or the characters you will be meeting.

Disney Bounding is also a big thing! This is a great way to show off your love of Disney characters. Adults aren't allowed to wear costumes in the parks so to get around this people started to Disney Bound. They would create outfits inspired by characters, but not an example replica or costume.