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How Far I'll Go. Walking at Disney World!

Walt Disney World Resort is HUGE! There is so much to see and do at Disney World and to get around the Disney Parks there is certainly a lot of walking!

So how far will you walk during your trip? And what tips can help you prepare and ensure you have a comfortable time?

How Far Will I Go?

On an average visit to a Disney World Park you will take 20,000 steps a day. This works out to be 10 miles each day!

Bear in mind that the average person walks 3000 - 4000 steps a day so this is a massive increase! Walking around the Disney Parks is five times the amount of steps people would normally take in a day!

This can take a toll on your body, with sore feet, blisters and lethargy common. So how can you avoid this ruining your trip?

How To Prepare!

It is a great idea to slowly build up your daily amount of steps before your Disney trip so your body gets used to it. Adding a few hundred steps a day and increasing this over a period of a few months can help your body gently get used to the increase in steps.

A great way to prepare is to add some longer walks in your free time. If you have access to local nature walks this is a super fun activity and a great way to increase your steps! It is also a great way to explore your local area and discover hidden gems nearby to you!

If you commute to your workplace you could park a little further away than usual or switch to walking to work if the distance isn't too far.

Using a standing desk whilst working is a great way to get used to being on your feet for long periods of time, and can help you prepare for queuing whilst at Disney!

A few quick walks around the block can also easily add a few hundred steps a day!

If you have a dog, or have a friend with a canine companion, then dog walks are a great way to add extra steps! To prepare for your Disney trip you could make them a little bit longer than usual or mix up the route. Plus your canine pal may love the extra walkies!

You can also get some extra steps in by walking around when:

  • On the phone

  • Watching TV

  • Listening to music

I also love to watch walk-through videos of the parks and walk around whilst watching them! This is a great way to get a virtual tour of the Disney World Parks and to learn the layout plus get in your extra steps!

What Shoes To Wear?

Comfortable shoes are a must! Shoes that have memory foam insoles are the best for lots of walking! I really like Sketchers for their range of shoes specifically made for comfort when walking.

Lots of companies now offer memory foam insoles so these are the best option for Disney trips. Taking some time to do a little research of different shoes and their reviews before your trip will really help you to find the perfect to find shoe for you!

One thing that is a must is you definitely need to break in your shoes before you go! Getting blisters is the worst and with a trip that requires so much walking it can be a nightmare if you are in pain! And with very little time to rest with so much to experience at Disney World this can really cause a downer on your trip.

By breaking in your shoes before your trip you won't have to worry about this! When increasing your walking ahead of your trip this is the perfect way to start breaking in your shoes that you are going to take to Disney World!

I also always bring more than one pair of shoes just in case one pair does cause blisters or are uncomfortable. It is always advisable to bring back up shoes to Disney!

Sneakers are great for the parks because of the support and memory foam insoles but if you are planning on visiting some fine dining restaurants be sure to bring some more formal shoes.

If you are visiting a fine dining location in the Disney Parks there are more lenient regarding formal footwear as they realise you are walking around all day and need to be comfortable. But if you are visiting a fine dining restaurant in a Disney Resort or if you have had time to change before dinner, then more formal footwear is encouraged.

Rest Your Feet By Watching Shows!

Break up the day with shows which allow you to sit for a while! Disney are fantastic at offering a range of different rides and attractions in their parks which means there is something for everyone to enjoy. The added bonus is there are a range of attraction that allow you to sit for a while!

Check out these attractions if you need a break to rest your feet!

  • Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress in Magic Kingdom

  • Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room in Magic Kingdom

  • Frozen Sing-A-Long in Hollywood Studios

  • Beauty And The Beast Sing-A-Long in EPCOT

  • Voyage Of The Little Mermaid in Hollywood Studios

  • Walt Disney World Railroad in Magic Kingdom

  • It's Tough To Be A Bug in Animal Kingdom

  • Muppet*Vision 3D in Hollywood Studios

  • Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom

  • Country Bear Jamboree in Magic Kingdom

  • Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival in EPCOT

  • Liberty Square Riverboat in Magic Kingdom