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How To Budget For Your Disney World Trip

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The excitement is building as you are beginning to plan your ultimate trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth!

You've started looking into your accommodation, travel plans and what you want to do. But how much money do you need to budget for your entire trip? What do you need to consider budgeting for?

Today I will tell you all the things you need to budget for when visiting Disney World and how to create a budget!

The main elements that you need to factor into your budget are:

  • Accommodation

  • Flights

  • Car Hire or Transportation

  • Park Tickets

  • Dining

  • Parking

  • Tipping

  • Souvenirs / Spending Money

  • Travel Insurance

  • ESTA / Visa


One of the biggest expenses will be for your hotel, villa or resort.

As well as the upfront cost of your lodgings the other things to consider that may need budgeting for are:

  • Does your hotel have resort fees that need to be paid on top?

  • Are local taxes included or do you need to pay when at your resort?

  • Do they charge extra for a cot or extra beds? Late check-in or check-out?

  • Do they charge for parking?

Staying on-site at Disney World doesn't incur any resort fees or additional taxes. The only thing to consider is parking costs if you are bringing a car.

To find out whether it is worth splashing the cash to stay at a Disney World Resort check out my blog post all about it here!

When booking your accommodation it is always wise to shop around. Price comparison sites can help you get the best deal on your accommodation so it is always a good idea to try a few different sites, such as directly with the company, online booking sites like Expedia or Booking.com and price comparison sites.


Another big cost to factor in is flights. This is another area where it is good to shop around. Websites such as Skyscanner can help you find the cheapest prices for your flights and you can even set up price alerts to receive emails when there has been a change in the prices. This can be a great way of keeping up to date with price drops.

Things to consider when buying your tickets are:

  • Do you need to pay extra for baggage?

  • Do you need to pay to pick your seats?

  • Would you like to pay extra to upgrade your seats?

  • Do you need extras such as airport parking? An airport hotel stay the night before? Access to an airport lounge?


If you will be hiring a car to get you around Orlando as well as the initial cost to hire the car here are some things to consider that may cost extra.

  • Do we need to hire a GPS?

  • Do we need to hire car seats?

  • Do we need to buy top up insurances to cover the hire car

Some companies will give you the option to add all of these at the time of booking. You may be able to get some elements cheaper if booking with a separate company. Top up insurances can be purchased with specialist companies whose prices are often much cheaper than buying directly with the car hire company.


If you are booking a package with a travel agent that includes your flights and hotel, and other extras such as park tickets or car hire, be sure to check what is included in your price. Some things to ask your travel agent include:

  • Are the resort fees and taxes included?

  • Do you need to pay more to add bags to your flight?

  • If you are hiring a car do you need additional insurance? Car seats? GPS?


If you aren't hiring a car there are lots of other forms of transportation available to you at Disney World and in Orlando.

If staying at a Disney World Resort you can use the complimentary transport between your resort and the Disney