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Making Delicious Disney Food at Home! - Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of Making Delicious Disney Foods at Home! As we learnt in Part One my Walt Disney World trip for this September was sadly cancelled, but I decided to make some of the awesome foods I would have been enjoying whilst there at home!

In Part One I made the Lighthouse Sandwich from Columbia Harbour House, LeFou's Festin from Be Our Guest Restaurant, the Loaded Slaw Dog from Casey's Corner, Crispy Tofu with Potato Hash from Satu'li Canteen, Bangers and Mash from The Plaza, The Vegetarian Platter from Tangierine Cafe, Felucian Garden Spread from Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo and an Iced Vanilla Latte from Starbucks! Make sure you check out Part One for all these recipes!

Now I have 8 more yummy Disney dishes for you! Let's begin!

All of the dishes below are plant-based recipes, but you can swap any ingredients you like to tailor these dishes to your tastes.

Avocado Toast from Grand Floridian Cafe at the Grand Floridian Resort

Avocado toast is one of my go-to staples at home. It can be jazzed up in so many different ways and I knew that the Grand Floridian Cafe would do something to elevate this humble dish to something special!

At home I love to add some texture and spice to my avocado toast so here are the ingredients I use to do just that!

Wholemeal Bread




Nutritional Yeast

Chilli flakes

Seed Mix

Sriracha Mayo

I mash the avocado then add salt, pepper, chilli flakes and nutritional yeast before stirring together. I toast the bread and then add the avocado mix on top. I then sprinkle on some seeds and drizzle on the sriracha mayo for a kick!

So quick to make and super tasty! This certainly makes what could be a boring dish full of flavour!

Power Breakfast Bowl from Capt. Cook's at the Polynesian Village Resort

As I mentioned in part one of this blog series I love a good breakfast bowl! At Capt. Cook's at the Polynesian Village Resort you can get the Power Breakfast Bowl. That sounds like something that would set you up for the day!

To make this at home I used:

Tofu Scramble




Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meatballs

To make the tofu scramble I pressed a block of firm tofu to squeeze out the moisture. I love the Tofuture tofu press (which you can purchase it here). I leave the tofu in the press and put it in the fridge for a few hours to allow it to squeeze out as much moisture as possible. Once ready I crumble the tofu up so it resembles scrambled eggs. I put some oil in a pan and once it is hot I add the tofu. I let it brown very slightly and then add a range of spices to give some awesome flavour! I like to use turmeric (which also gives a great yellow colour to the tofu), cumin, black pepper, nutritional yeast and garlic powder. I cook this for just a few minutes and then as I remove the pan from the hob I add a dash of kala namek, also known as black salt, which gives an eggy taste.

To prepare the potatoes I chopped up into large cubes and put into the microwave for 4 and a half minutes to soften. I then sprayed them with oil and put in the oven for 20 - 25 minute, until golden. The meatball join the potatoes in the oven for 20 minutes.

Whilst everything is cooking away in the oven I heat the onions and pepper together in a pan for 5 - 8 minutes until they are soft.

I layer the bowl starting with the tofu scramble at the bottom, then the potatoes, the onion and peppers and then crumble the meatballs on top.

This dish is super filling and a great way to get you set for the day ahead!

Asian food from Yak and Yeti at Animal Kingdom

I love Asian food! You get to enjoy such amazing flavours and a huge variety of different cuisines. Yak and Yeti has a large menu so there is always the struggle of what to order!

For this I cheated and ordered from Wagamama's! Although these sorts of dishes I could have made myself they just don't taste the same!

I couldn't choose between dishes so I ordered kids portions of a few options (this is a top tip for all the other indecisive people out there!). This is the mini yasai yaki soba and the mini yasai ramen. The noodles were sooooo yummy!

Layered Veggie Rice Bowl from Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe at Magic Kingdom

I have never eaten in Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe before but I had booked to go on the Keys to the Kingdom tour on my trip that never happen and I knew lunch would be at Pecos Bill. By now we all know I love a bowl, so this layered veggie bowl sounded like the perfect lunch!