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7 Vegan Dishes You MUST Try at Disneyland Paris!

Food is a big part of any Disneyland Paris trip and if you are visiting in 2024 there are some vegan dishes you cannot miss!


Whether you are vegan, plant-based, flexitarian or taking part in Veganuary, today I will let you know the vegan foods you NEED to eat at Disneyland Paris!


Over the past two years Disneyland Paris has added tons of vegan meals on to their menus. They are clearly marked vegan, which makes them made without meat, fish, eggs, dairy and honey, so it could not be easier to find which foods you can enjoy at Disneyland Paris!


However not all dishes are created equal! Here are the 7 BEST vegan options at Disneyland Paris you must try!



1.      Vegan Fish and Chips at Toad Hall Restaurant

In Fantasyland head to this charming quick service restaurant, all themed around Mr Toad. The whimsical décor invites you in to try some of the best fast food in Disneyland Paris!


The vegan fish and chips is an excellent meal! The vegan fish is breaded and really does taste like the real thing! The chips are thick cut, and although different to traditional chip shop chips, can be tasty by adding some salt. There is even a vegan tartare sauce to give you the full British fish and chips experience!


Something that is great to know is that the vegan fish look completely different to the battered fish option so there is no way for the items to get confused. I know this is something I worry about as a vegan, but this isn’t a concern at all at Toad Hall Restaurant!


Be sure to also take a look around the interior of this super fun restaurant! There are lots of items you would find in a traditional British countryside pub, mixed in with plenty of Mr Toad references!



2.      Vegan Shawarma at Super Diner

Super Diner, in Avengers Campus, is the best quick service restaurant in Walt Disney Studios Park!


This super cute diner sits right at the back of Avengers Campus, behind the Tower of Terror, so is easily overlooked. But don’t miss out!


This super cute American diner is themed to perfection! I also love the retro feel to this restaurant!

The vegan shawarma is one of the best vegan dishes you will find in the whole of Disneyland Paris! The bread is grilled so has a lovely crisp outside but soft interior and is packed full of vegan meat and vegetables. It also comes with the option of hummus or red pepper caviar (which is similar to a red pepper hummus).


Although the red pepper caviar is listed as a spicy option, I found it to have very little spice at all, so if you aren’t a fan of spicy food you can still enjoy this option!


The vegan shawarma is packed full of so much flavour and it is a cannot miss vegan dish at Disneyland Paris!


I did wonder if the portion would be small but I found it to be just the right size. But if you would like to have a dessert Super Diner also sells a vegan chocolate and hazelnut cookie!


Be sure to keep an eye out of the window as you dine because opposite Super Diner is the gateway the Marvel characters use to enter Avengers Campus!



3.      Pesto Pasta at Manhattan Restaurant

Manhattan Restaurant is inside Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel Hotel. This super sleek hotel has great dining, amazing bars and a Marvel shop, and is a great hotel to visit, particularly for Marvel fans!


If you are looking for a really delicious meal, are celebrating a special occasion or want a more upscale dining experience be sure to book a reservation for Manhattan Restaurant.


The interior of this table service restaurant is beautiful and elegant and the menu serves Italian cuisine.


You can choose from the three course set menu or to dine a la carte.


The great news is there are three vegan courses! The starter is a minestrone soup, the main in a buckwheat pasta dish with mushrooms and pesto and the dessert is pineapple with chocolate mousse.


The pesto pasta dish is creamy and rich and delicious! This is my favourite table service main course in the whole of Disneyland Paris and I have so many people contact me to say it is their favourite too!


It can be easy to skip over dining at the Disneyland Paris hotel restaurants but don’t miss out! The Art of Marvel only a few minutes walk away from the parks and right next to Disney Village. You won’t regret making the short trek as everything about this hotel is stunning, and the food is great!


You can book your reservation via the Disneyland Paris app or the Disneyland Paris website. Guests staying in a Disneyland Paris hotel can book up to 12 months in advance of their visit, with non-hotel guests being able to book 60 days in advance of their trip.



4.      Vegan Burrito at Casa de Coco


If you are in Frontierland be sure to refuel at Casa de Coco! This restaurant had a massive refurbishment in 2023 to be rethemed all around the film Coco. The décor is super cute, very photogenic and there is also plenty of seating to enjoy your meal.


This quick service restaurant in Disneyland Park has long been thought of as one of the best choices, and this is also true for vegans!


The vegan burrito is a hearty meal and great to give you an energy boost for the rest of your packed park day! The vegan burrito is filled with vegan chili, rice, tomato and guacamole. The vegan chili is super flavourful, but not spicy, making it suitable for everyone!


Be warned – Casa de Coco is one of the most popular restaurants at Disneyland Paris so can get very busy, particularly in peak hours. The great news is you can skip the queue by using the mobile order feature on the Disneyland Paris app!


You simply select the restaurant you want to order from, pick your food and drinks, select a time to collect and you are all set!



5.      Auberge de Cendrillon – Pumpkin Soup, Pea and Herb Finger and Chocolate Fondant three course meal


Auberge de Cendrillon is a fine dining meal where you also get to meet the Disney Princesses. It is great news that if you are wanting to have a character dining meal at Disneyland Paris you can totally do this as a vegan and enjoy great food at the same time!

Auberge de Cendrillon has a three course meal, with three vegan options! This restaurant is super stunning, with a setting fit for royalty! I really loved all the nods to Cinderella in the decor of this restaurant! (Did you know Cendrillon is the French name for Cinderella?)

This is also a fine dining meal, so if you are celebrating a special occasion, are wanting to treat yourselves or dine on some more elevated cuisine Auberge de Cendrillon is a really great option!

The starter is a Pumpkin Soup, perfect for the Cinderella theme, and the presentation is show stopping! Your waiter elegantly pours your soup into your bowl right in front of your eyes! This definitely makes the meal feel like a fine dining experience.

The main vegan course is a pea and herb finger, which tastes like a meatball but is oblong in shape. The presentation of this dish is beautiful! It also comes with pumpkin puree, vegetable crisps and curled vegetables. I really enjoyed the variety of textures in the dish which made it interesting to eat.

The dessert is a stand out dish! The chocolate fondant is exactly what you would hope for! The centre is warm and melted, it has a rich chocolate flavour and also come with tart cherries, the perfect combination to cut through the rich chocolate taste!

All three courses are excellent and a great option for foodies!

One of the best things is that Auberge de Cendrillion is a character dining meal. Here you meet the Disney Princesses (and sometimes also Cinderella's mice friends!). I got to meet four Disney Princesses during my meal and the interactions were amazing! They weren't rushed and we got to have wonderful conversations as well as take some photos together!

The other two character dining meals at Disneyland Paris are both buffets. Buffets don't tend to have many options for vegans, and often the options on offer don't live up to the price tag. So it is fantastic to have a character dining meal where the food is also fantastic!

6.      Silver Spur Steakhouse – Vegan Skewer


 A steakhouse doesn't seem like the obvious choice for vegans but the main course here is amazing!

Silver Spur Steakhouse offers a vegan skewer, featuring vegan sausage and meatballs, peppers and onion all accompanied by corn on the cob, potatoes, beans and a tomato stew.

The vegan meats are super realistic and very tasty! (If you are not a fan of very realistic meat alternatives you may want to skip over this meal!) The corn on the cob is buttery and the other sides are classic items for this sort of BBQ style meal.

You can choose a 2 or 3 course set menu. I really enjoy the starter at Silver Spur Steakhouse too. It is a salad, which doesn't sound exciting, but the flavours are incrdible!

You get kidney beans, avocado, lettuce, tomato and vegan meat lightly dressed in a citrus dressing. Let me tell you, the dressing is incredible! It packs so much flavour and really makes this an excellent salad.

If you are looking for a hearty and delicious meal Silver Spur Steakhouse is an excellent option!

7.      The Annette’s Vegetal Burger at Annette’s Diner

Annette’s Diner is situated in Disney Village, right near The World of Disney and the Disney Parks! The American diner has a retro feel and even has servers on rollerskates!


This is a super popular restaurant due to their famous burgers and generous portions!


Previously you would need to modify to make a burger vegan but in 2023 Annette’s launched the vegetal burger which is vegan as is!


This burger is made with a Beyond Meat Patty, Nurisssh vegan cheese and come packed with peppers, avocado, courgette, aubergine and rocket.


You also get a huge portion of fries and a super interesting kiwi and horseradish dipping sauce!


I really like that this burger has the great chargrilled taste of Beyond Meat but also lots of veggies!


If you are craving a burger Annette's is the place to come! What I really enjoy is for just a few euros more than in the parks you can get a much bigger meal and better quality at Annette's. So if you need a burger head here and skip the options in the parks.

So now you know exactly where to get the best vegan food in Disneyland Paris! It is great to know there is a variety of different choices, multiple cuisines and different styles of dining so there is something for everyone!


Be sure to check out my full list of EVERY vegan food option at Disneyland Paris on my dedicated Vegan Food at Disneyland Paris page!


To see my reviews of all the vegan options at Disneyland Paris I’ve tried be sure to visit my YouTube playlist!


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