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Which Disney Films Will You Find Represented In Magic Kingdom?

Disney World is a dream for any fans of Disney films! Disney do a fantastic job of adding as many of their films into their parks as possible, so which Disney films will you find represented in Magic Kingdom?

Let's look at all the attractions and restaurants that are based on Disney films and where to find them in Magic Kingdom!

Peter Pan is one of the classic Disney films! In Fantasyland you can ride Peter Pan's Flight. This ride is one of the most popular in Disney World! Step aboard your own ship to whisk you away to Neverland. This dark ride features scenes for the film acted out by animatronics. A classic ride for a classic film!

Pirates of the Caribbean is an iconic Disney attraction and was turned into a massive movie franchise starring Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow! This water ride has all the charm of the original attraction storyline but now also features a Jack Sparrow animatronic! Head to Adventureland to ride and be singing Yo Ho A Pirates Life For Me all day long!

Also in Fantasyland you will find Dumbo! Here you can climb aboard your own flying elephant and ride Dumbo The Flying Elephant and visit Casey Jr Splash & Soak, a water play area for children based on the famous train from Dumbo! Casey Jr Splash & Soak is currently closed but when it is open it is a great way to cool off in the Florida sun!

If you are a fan of Winnie the Pooh then be sure to ride The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. This charming ride takes you through Hundred Acre Wood to see Winnie and his friends whilst riding in a giant honey pot! This ride can be found in Fantasyland. Keep an eye out for the hummingbird stations in the queue. If you are lucky you will see one of these beautiful, little birds! On Main Street U.S.A there is a restaurant called The Crystal Palace which used to feature character dining with Winnie the Pooh and his pals! Currently the characters are taking a break at this restaurant but it will be amazing when they return in the future!

Like Pirates of the Caribbean this Disney ride has been turned into a film! Haunted Mansion has been a fan favourite since it opened and in 2003 Disney released a film based on this spooky attraction starring Eddie Murphy. Be sure to visit the gift shop, Momento Mori, next door to this ride in Liberty Square for amazing unique Haunted Mansion merchandise!

Disney's first animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, has its own family rollercoaster in Magic Kingdom! This Fantasyland attraction, called Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, is one of the most popular in this Disney Park! Board your own mine train and keep an eye out for The Evil Queen in her Old Hag disguise!

If The Little Mermaid is one of your favourite Disney films you will love Under The Sea: Journey of The Little Mermaid! This dark ride will take you 'under the sea' where you will see animatronics acting out scenes from the movie! Best of all you get to travel in a giant clamshell! Head to Fantasyland to enjoy this ride and then grab some snacks in Prince Eric's Village Market.

If you are a fan of Pinocchio, which was released 81 years ago this week, visit Pinocchio's Village Haus in Fantasyland to dine on Italian food from this quick-service location with some decor featuring Pinocchio and his friends.

If you are a fan of Beauty and The Beast you are in luck as there is so much to enjoy in Magic Kingdom! In Fantasyland you will find a treasure trove of Beauty and the Beast locations! Beast's Castle towers over the skyline and inside this impressive location is the Be Our Guest Restaurant. Be sure to book a reservation so you can dine inside the infamous ballroom! Also head to the West Wing to see the enchanted rose! Be sure to also visit Gaston's Tavern to try the Grey Stuff cupcake and cool off with LeFou's Brew! There is also an attraction for all the family to enjoy called Enchanted Tales with Belle. This interactive storytelling attraction lets you see lots of the characters from this beloved film. Sadly this attraction is currently unavailable but I cannot wait for its return!

If you are a fan of Lady and The Tramp then book a dining reservation at Tony's Town Square Restaurant. This Italian eatery on Main Street U.S.A is based on the restaurant with the same name from the classic film where Lady and Tramp have their infamous spaghetti dinner!

If you fancy a magic carpet ride as you are a big fan of Aladdin you are in luck! In Adventureland you can get to experience this special mode of transport in a ride called The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

Toy Story fans will want to head to Tomorrowland to ride Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin! This interactive dark ride sees you and your partner use lasers to hit targets around the ride to build up points to defeat Emporer Zurg!

If you love the classic Alice in Wonderland film then get busy getting dizzy on the Mad Tea Party ride in Fantasyland! You get to sit inside giant teacups as you spin and twirl in this whimsical ride.

If you loved Tangled be sure to get a photo of Rapunzel's tower in Fantasyland, then visit the most famous restrooms in all of Magic Kingdom, known as the Tangled restrooms. Don't forget to get the incredible Photo Pass photo from a Disney photographer where you hold a lantern from Tangled with pretty lanterns hanging in the sky behind you!

Not many people realise the theming for Splash Mountain is based on a controversial, archived Disney film called Song of the South. Soon Splash Mountain will be refurbished and redesigned to be based on a new Disney classic film, The Princess and the Frog.

In 2021 a film based on Jungle Cruise will be released! You can ride this water ride, famous for its dad jokes, in Adventureland. This year this attraction will undergo a refurbishment with a reimagining of some animatronics and updates to the script! If you are looking for some exciting food head to Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper's Canteen. The theming of this restaurant is based on Jungle Cruise and you can dine in a range of Asian cuisines.

Cinderella is probably the most iconic Disney film represented in Magic Kingdom. The iconic Disney World castle is called Cinderella Castle! A photo in front of the castle is an absolute must! You also have the ability to dine inside the castle at Cinderella's Royal Table, ride a classic carousel attraction called Prince Charming Carousel in Fantasyland and children can have magical makeovers inside the castle at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is temporarily closed at this time).

If you are a fan of Mike and Sulley and the Disney Pixar film Monsters, Inc then Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor is the attraction for you! This interactive show sees characters from this movie interact with guests to try to make them laugh. This is very important as Monstropolis is now run on laughter, not scares! This Tomorrowland attraction is temporarily closed but I hope to see it return in the future as it is a really memorable and fun experience!

Characters In The Parks

Currently there are no character meet and greets in Magic Kingdom but you will see characters around the park in the character cavalcades that happen at random times throughout the day or in some physically distanced areas where you can interact with them and take distanced photos.

In Magic Kingdom you can see characters from films such as the Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse and the Fab 5, Tinkerbelle, Buzz Lightyear, The Fairy Godmother and Gaston.

What is your favourite Disney film? Is it represented in Magic Kingdom?

Let me know in the comments below, over on Instagram @most.magical.guides or on Facebook!

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