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What To Pack In Your Day Bag For Disney World

You are all set to have the most magical day at Disney World! But just what should you pack in your bag? What essentials do you not want to forget?!

Find out below what I pack in my basic day bag and what I take with me in a comprehensive day bag to help you prepare your own!


  • Park tickets or Magic Band

  • Contactless method of payment (preferred at Disney World currently) or money

  • ID (if wanting to purchase alcohol)

  • Mobile phone for photos, videos and to use My Disney Experience for mobile ordering, dining reservations, Rise of the Resistance boarding passes

  • Camera

  • Face coverings. Pack multiple in case they need to changed throughout the day

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Disney Ears

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses


  • Poncho in case of rain or for water rides

  • Reusable bottle or a drink purchased outside the parks to help save money and help the environment

  • Reusable straw / reusable cutlery

  • List of reservation numbers in case the system goes down (get yours here!)

  • Blister plasters and painkillers

  • Charging rod / power bank in case any devices need charging throughout the day

  • Motion sickness medication for rides

  • Bubbles / glow sticks / autograph book bought beforehand at a supermarket for a cheaper version

  • Snacks bought from a supermarket to help to cut costs

To help you make sure you never leave anything at home again be sure to check out my Packing Planner for Walt Disney World!

Includes a 2 page list of everything you could never need to take on your Disney World trip, plus space to add your own items!

Also included is an individual packing list so everyone in your group can make sure they have everything they need for Disney World plus an outfit planner to help you work out which outfits you need for your trip!

This is an instant PDF download that is both printable and editable!

Purchase yours today by clicking here!

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