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The Most Overrated Rides at Disney World!

Disney World is famous for incredible rides and attractions. But which ones are overhyped? Are there some worth skipping the super long queues for?

Find out below what the most overrated rides at Disney World are!

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run

This is one of the newest attractions at Hollywood Studios so why is it on the overrated list? Although this Galaxy's Edge ride has super impressive theming it is essentially a mix between an arcade game and a simulator. For such a futuristic land this isn't an all that exciting ride. Plus the opportunity for arguments over who gets what role and who messed up the mission can put a damper on the experience. For a truly spectacular ride skip this and get boarding passes for Rise of the Resistance!

Jungle Cruise

This classic Disney attraction has seen better days. Filled with dad jokes and older animatronics this ride is quite outdated. Luckily a big refurbishment with updated animatronics and a new script is coming!

Test Track

This EPCOT attraction draws big queues. But is it really worth the wait? Since the last refurbishment this ride is more jerky and mostly contains lots of starts and stops and rather than the vehicle reacting to the various tests being carried out, which makes it not as enjoyable. The best part, and the only part worth riding for, is the exhilarating ending. If you have a need for speed then be sure to ride this when the queue has a shorter wait time.

Mission: SPACE

This ride has sick bags and an ambulance on standby. That should be reason enough why this ride is overrated for enjoyment! Aimed at those looking for thrills this ride mostly turns stomachs. As well as strong g-force and centrifuge spinning this ride is also claustrophobic. It is an attraction people ride for the badge rather than for a fun experience. If you want to enjoy your day at EPCOT without feeling sick for the rest of the day be sure to skip this and enjoy everything else on offer at EPCOT!

Space Mountain

The show building is iconic and the ride legendary. But does it live up to the hype? This ride is rather old and rickety. Being bashed about in the pitch black on this dark coaster makes it one of the least enjoyable roller coasters at Disney World. This is one to ride for nostalgia but not worth a super long wait in the queue.

Navi River Journey

This riverboat ride is one of the newest in Animal Kingdom but is quite a letdown. This ride still draws super long queues but the ride is just a gentle riverboat journey with some Avatar animatronics. If you are going to join a long queue in Pandora make sure it is for the incredible Flight of Passage which totally lives up to the hype!

Tomorrowland Speedway

This ride was an opening day attraction when Magic Kingdom opened in 1971. The vintage design is perfect for Tomorrowland but this ride does feel dated. It can also be bumpy, some cars are slow and the smell of fumes coming off this attraction can be unpleasant.

Should I Skip These Rides?

Disney do a great job of creating a diverse range of amazingly themed rides. There are no absolute duds but if you are looking at making the most of your time and need some rides to skip over the ones that make this list are good candidates.

Be sure to check out my next blog post which will be all about the most underrated rides at Disney World that you don't want to miss!

What do you make of this list? Let me know in the comments below, over on Instagram @most.magical.guides or on Facebook!

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