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New Year, New Direction!

What a year 2021 has been! I just wanted to say thank you all so much for your support, kind words, fun interactions and for reading my blog, visiting my website, downloading my guides, subscribing to my Youtube channel and being part of my Instagram and Facebook family!

I have loved doing everything Most Magical Guides does and really enjoyed expanding what I do by starting a Youtube channel this year, changing to make my guides free to help as many people as possible have incredible Disney trips and finally having been able to take a trip back to Disney myself!

I cannot wait to go into 2022 with so many ideas for more helpful and fun content!


When I started Most Magical Guides the world was in lockdown so I made broad content for anyone planning their dream trip for once we could travel again. I was desperate to get back to the Disney Parks and knew so many people were the same and would be wanting to research so they could plan ahead for when we could all travel once more!

Now travel has opened back up and more people are getting to opportunity to revisit the Disney Parks I am going to be changing the focus slightly and narrowing down to where my expertise lies which is adult trips, solo trips and advice for childless millenials visiting Disney World!

As a childless millenial myself that visits Disney with friends, family or solo I want to use my first hand experience to tailor content to Disney visitors just like me!

I will still have all the content you would ever need to plan your ultimate Disney trips but with a slight change of focus.

Another slight change is making more content that will be super useful for UK visitors to Disney World and Universal Orlando. As I am a UK Disney blogger and vlogger myself my content is super helpful for fellow Brits! I will also be adding more content about Disneyland Paris as this is our 'local' park!


This year I plan to expand my website, adding new sections to help you plan every aspect of your Disney World and Universal Orlando trips! I will have sections about how to plan your budget, your itinerary, what to pack and everything you need to know about Disney dining! The website will be packed full of tips and advice as well as planning templates for people to use!

I will also add more content and sections about Disneyland Paris as so many of us Brits like to be able to visit Disney a little closer to home as well!

My content will still be full of tips and advice all about how to maximise the magic when planning your trip but aimed towards adult travellers and people visiting from the UK.

I am going to launch a brand new Facebook group for UK Disney adults which is where I will give tips and advice about planning your trips, giving updates on park news and it is a place for you to come and ask any questions you have!

I have loved doing Disney vlogs this year and in 2022 I plan on doing even more! I will be doing a mix of videos all about planning your trips to Disney World, Universal Orlando and Disneyland Paris, talk you through just how to book and organise each aspect of your trip and be doing more Disney trip vlogs!

Be sure to keep an eye out on this website as all these new changes start to roll out in the new year!


The vegan part of my website, Vegan WDW, will continue to have articles about how to be vegan in Disney World, where to find the best vegan food as well as offer my free vegan guides to download! My guides are updated whenever there are changes to the menus so you have the most up to date advice!

I will be expanding my Disneyland Paris Vegan Food section to include photos, videos and reviews of the awesome vegan food I recently had in Disneyland Paris!

Be sure to join my Most Magical Vegan Disney World page to see tips on the best vegan foods in the Disney Parks and to ask any questions you have!


Come check out the Most Magical Guides Youtube channel for trip Disney trip vlogs, videos all about how to plan your ultimate Disney and Universal trips as well as haul videos, Disney Disney Food videos and much more!

There is the Most Magical Guides Facebook page where I post Disney and Universal Parks news as well as helpful tips and advice for your own visits!

Come join the Most Magical Vegan Disney World Facebook group for tips all about where to find vegan food at Disney World and to ask any questions you have!

I also have an Instagram full of photos and handy advice on how to plan your own most magical trip! Find me at @most.magical.guides

I hope you have enjoyed Most Magical Guides this year and I cannot wait to expand and share so much more with you in 2022! Keep checking my website and social media pages to see the new content start appearing! Happy New Year!

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