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Halloween on Disney+ - Disney at Home Series

With Halloween fast approaching there is nothing better to get into the spooky spirit than to watch some movies! Disney+ has a huge range of films and TV series that are perfect for the Halloween season!

Will you be watching the most classic of all the Disney Halloween movies- 'Hocus Pocus'? Maybe you will find out about the children of the Disney Villains in 'Descendants'. See this iconic Disney attraction come to life in 'The Haunted Mansion'. Perhaps will you be watching Nightmare Before Christmas (or is it a Christmas movie?).

Below is a list of movies available on Disney+ that are perfect for Halloween!


Hocus Pocus

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad for the Headless Horseman

Bride of Boogedy

The Cat from Outer Space


Descendants 2

Descendants 3

Don't Look Under The Bed

Edward Scissorhands

Escape to Witch Mountain


The Ghosts of Buxley Hall

Girl vs Monster


Halloweentown 2 Kalabar's Revenge

Halloweentown High

The Haunted Mansion

Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire

Monsters Inc

Monsters University

Mr Boogedy

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Return from Witch Mountain

Return to Halloweentown

The Scream Team

Toy Story of Terror


Twitches Two

Wizards of Waverley Place The Movie

Wizards Return Alex vs. Alex


Zombies 2

TV Shows


Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock

Descendents Wicked World

Wizards of Waverley Place


Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Famous Disney Villains

101 Dalmations - Cruella De Vil

Aladdin - Jafar

Aladdin - Return of Jafar

Alice in Wonderland - Queen of Hearts

Sleeping Beauty - Malificent


Malificent Mistress of Evil

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Claude Frollo

Princess and the Frog - Dr Facilier

Peter Pan - Hook

The Little Mermaid - Ursula

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Evil Queen

Hercules - Hades

The Lion King - Scar

Beauty and the Beast- Gaston

Cinderella - Lady Tremaine

Robin Hood - Prince John

Tangled - Mother Gothel

The Great Mouse Detective - Ratigan

The Emperor's New Groove - Yzma

The Jungle Book - Shere Khan

The Rescuers - Madame Medusa

Pocahontas - Governor Ratcliffe

Fantasia - Chernabog

Mulan - Shan-Yu

Star Wars- Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Snoke, Palpatine

What will you be watching this Halloween on Disney+?

Let me know on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

In Thursdays post I will be telling all the different ways you can have a Disney Halloween at home! Just in time for the big night this Saturday!

Plus note the availability of the films and TV shows listed above may vary in different countries.

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