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My Disney Christmas Decor!

I love the festive season and getting to decorating the house! I always like to add a touch of Disney to make things that bit more magical! In today's blog I will tell you all about how I use Disney Christmas decor to bring the festive spirit into my house!


I am a huge fan of collecting Disney ornaments for the Christmas tree! Every time I visit a Disney Park I always come home with a new decoration to add to my collection! As we can see I am a big fan of the Evil Queen so have a lot of her ornaments!


If visiting Disney World make sure you head to the Orlando Premium Outlets. The closest one to Disney World is at Vineland Avenue. Here you will find the Disney outlet store, Disney's Character Warehouse. In this store you will find official Disney merchandise for bargain prices! I got this Evil Queen ornament for $6 and had seen it in the park for $25!

Board Games

The festive season is known to be the perfect time to get out the board games! I love Disney Villains and The Haunted Mansion is one of my all-time favourite attractions so these two games are perfect to play this Christmas!


Every year Disney release Christmas plushes with designs just for that year. These Mickey and Minnie plushes are extra special to me as I bought them the Christmas that I worked at the Disney Store!


If you are looking to buy some Christmas decor make sure you check out the Christmas sale on the Shop Disney website. So many awesome festive items will be on sale and you are then all set for next Christmas!

I love my Christmas Forky that I bought this year! The Peas in a Pod are just delightful! And it wouldn't be Christmas without Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws right?


I love collecting Disney mugs (and now I have more mugs than I could ever need!). I particularly love the festive mugs! My favourite Christmas mug is this one from Disneyland Paris. I like to visit in DLP in January for my birthday and it also means the Christmas sales are on which is where I got this awesome mug!

Disney+ Movies

My favourite Christmas movie of all time is The Muppet's Christmas Carol, which I watch every single year! This Christmas classic is just one of the many festive films available on Disney+. I will also be watching Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Santa Clause. I can't wait to watch Decorating Disney Holiday Magic to see just how the parks are transformed into a winter wonderland and The Disney Holiday Singalong. There is just so much to enjoy!

I have just watched Disney's latest festive movie that was released onto Disney+ called Noelle and it was magical! A great new addition to the festive film family! Another new original is Godmothered, one to add to the list!

On the 25th December Disney will be releasing their latest movie, Soul, straight onto Disney+. I will definitely be watching this on Christmas day!

Do you have any movies you have to watch every year? Or any decorations that have special memories for you?

Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram or Facebook.

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