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10 Disney World Rides That Cause Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can put a real dampener on the day. Nobody wants to feel bad whilst at the Most Magical Place on Earth!

Here is a list of the top 10 rides that are prone to causing motion sickness at Walt Disney World.

Mission Space Sign

1. Mission Space

This is the only ride at Walt Disney World that has sick bags at the ready inside the attraction! This ride has become infamous for making people feel ill, even those who don’t suffer from motion sickness. The ride is a centrifuge and simulates the experience of being launched into space. The centrifuge spins at speed, causing G-force to pin you to your seat. Another common complaint is a feeling of claustrophobia. Combining the two is one of the reasons Mission Space is the top of this list.

2. Star Tours

This classic attraction in Hollywood Studios is a simulator ride. Your journey through another galaxy is filled with thrills and expected events! As an older simulator ride this attraction can jerk you around quite a bit. Combining this with watching a screen can be what triggers motion sickness in some people.

Roller Coaster Train Ascending Up Expedition Everest

3. Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest creates a stunning backdrop in Animal Kingdom. This exciting, thrill ride is a rollercoaster with big drops and high speeds. The biggest concern with regard to motion sickness is that there is a part of the ride where the rollercoaster goes backwards in total darkness, which can make some people turn a bit green! I love this ride! But I have noticed as my motion sickness has gotten worse over the years that I do feel a little peaky after riding this now (which is such a shame!).

4. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios is one of my all-time favourite attractions! I love launch coasters, and Aerosmith are one of my favourite bands, so this ride is a match made in heaven for me! It is a high-speed rollercoaster, which goes upside down, and is in the dark. This combination can be difficult for people who suffer from motion sickness. In recent years I have started to feel a bit green after going on this if I go on it multiple times. I just can’t help myself! When I was younger I went on it 8 times in a row and was fine! Ah the good old days!

The Hollywood Tower Hotel Against a Blue Sky

5. Tower of Terror

This iconic attraction looms over Hollywood Studios. The theming is excellent and it is clear why this ride has a cult following! The Tower of Terror is a drop ride. The sensation of falling and then quickly rising again can bother people who suffer from motion sickness.

6. CircleVision 360 Films

This may seem like a wildcard entry as the CircleVision attractions aren’t rides at all, in fact they are movies! There are three CircleVision films at EPCOT: Impressions de France, Canada Far & Wide and Reflections of China. A massive 360 degree screen surrounds you as you stand and watch beautiful films about Canada, China and France. The cinematography is beautiful and the films are so interesting and a great insight into these countries. The swooping camera shots combined with huge screens surrounding you can be the cause of making you feel a bit green!

7. Flight of Passage

Flight of Passage is the much talked about attraction in Pandora at Animal Kingdom. On this ride you climb aboard the back of your Banshee and fly through the beautiful landscapes of Pandora. This is a simulator ride. I personally had no issues with this ride (and found it stunning!). As it is a new ride the motion was synced very well with the video, which seems to be an issue with some older simulators, so because of this I didn’t feel unwell. But people who are sensitive to simulators may still find this ride a bit too intense.

Orange Tea Cup from the Mad Tea Party Ride

8. Tea Cups

I love this classic ride, it is just so whimsical and fun! When I go on it we don’t spin our own tea cup and I am able to really enjoy it. The ride does still move in a slow spinning motion so can be bothersome to people who suffer from motion sickness caused by spinning.

9. Space Mountain

One of the most iconic attraction at Magic Kingdom, Space Mountain, is a Disney classic! It is a high-speed rollercoaster in the dark. This combination can be prone to triggering motion sickness. If you would like to still get a glimpse of Space Mountain without going on the attraction itself you can ride the Transit Authority PeopleMover which goes through Space Mountain!

10. Soarin’

Soarin’, in EPCOT, is another simulator attraction. It is a more gentle ride than other simulators such as Star Tours, as it doesn’t jerk you about. You experience the sensation of flying over landscapes that are project onto a giant screen that surrounds you entirely. Many people who suffer from motion sickness seem to be able to enjoy this ride. But if simulators of any kind are prone to making you feel a bit unwell it is worth taking a look at some videos of this ride before your trip to see if it is something suitable for you. It is also worth noting that if you suffer a fear of heights there are moments during this ride that may trigger that.

Luckily these days there are some great remedies available to try to prevent motion sickness, such as Sea Bands and motion sickness medications like Dramamine. I always like to watch Youtube videos of rides in advance to see if it looks like something I would enjoy or maybe would leave me a bit green!

Rock n Roller Coaster Sign with Upside Down Car

My Top Tips for Other Sufferers of Motion Sickness

Do some research before you go to see if the attraction is something that may make you feel ill. When I am planning my trips I type in the attraction name into Youtube and there are plenty of on-ride videos you can watch so you can have an idea of what the motion or experience is like. I find this super helpful! Not only does it give a good idea of the intensity of the ride, it can also help prepare you if there is a surprising drop or sudden movement as you will be prepared for it to happen.

Take some motion sickness medication at the start of the day. This will help prevent or reduce motion sickness from happening so always best to take as a preventative measure rather than taking afterwards to help stop the feeling. Non-drowsy options are the best! Sea bands are also something people highly recommend. You wear them on your wrists at certain pressure points and this can help reduce the feeling of motion sickness in some people.

Ginger is your friend! If you feel a bit peaky ginger is a natural remedy for nausea. So come prepared with some ginger ale, ginger sweets or sip on some ginger tea as a back up.

One of the best things about Disney is there is such a wide variety of rides and attractions that there really is something for everyone. If there is a ride you want to skip over to avoid motion sickness there will still be so many more for you to enjoy so don’t worry about missing out!


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