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To All That Come To This Happy Place, Welcome!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Thank you for visiting Most Magical Guides. This blog is home to all the planning and organising tools you will need when thinking about a Most Magical trip to Walt Disney World!

Let me introduce myself.

Once upon a time....

A young girl named Sophie was born in England. She grew up watching Disney movies, playing with Mickey and Minnie plushes and dreaming of a magical place where you could live inside these wonderful fantasy lands. Luckily for her a man named Walt Disney created beautiful theme parks where everyone, no matter what their age, could dive into a world of wonder and amazement. At 5 years old Sophie was lucky enough to enjoy her first Disney trip and this sparked a lifelong love of Disney Parks.

Over the years young Sophie grew and started to plan her own trips to Walt Disney World. Over many years of planning, preparing and having the Most Magical trips she decided to use all of the knowledge, tips and useful advice she had learnt over the years to create Most Magical Guides to help other people get to enjoy their own incredible trips to the Most Magical Place On Earth: Walt Disney World.


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