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The Walt Disney World Trip That Never Was - Day Eight!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Today I planned a lovely, relaxing resort day at Animal Kingdom Lodge after a busy week at the parks! Or it should have been. I am so sad to not have been able to travel to Disney World but writing these blogs has been such a fun way to experience some Disney whilst at home. We are already at the start of week two!

I think Animal Kingdom Lodge has the most on offer for a resort day and is a big reason why I have always wanted to stay there. So I had planned a whole day of just exploring and experiencing everything on offer! Animal Kingdom Lodge is just so beautiful. And having the Savannah that you can view all around the resort, and even your room if you are lucky, is just a dream for me!

The Mara for Breakfast

We were going to start the day at Jambo Houses at the quick service restaurant, The Mara. I love that it offers a mixture of African and American foods. I was really wanting to try the Safari Babootie – plant-based egg and sausage with mushrooms, onions and spinach in a chakalaka sauce. This dish sounds so good! It is unlike anything I have tried for breakfast before and it sounds like an exciting way to start the day off! Also chakalaka is such a fun word so I think I am going to need to learn how to make it just so I can keep saying it!

Cultural Activities and Exploring the Savannah

Animal Kingdom Lodge offers a huge range of different activities for Guests. I was most excited for the culture experiences offered by Cast Members who are cultural representatives from Africa, who share their heritage with you and teach a variety of skills such as playing drums!

A big bonus for me were the animal experiences, where Cast Members offer talks about the different animals you can see on the Savannah, and tell you about the enrichment programs for the animals and explain why this is so important for their wellbeing.

I think these two unique offerings are what make Animal Kingdom Lodge such a fantastic resort. To not only have all the benefits of staying on Disney property and the excitement of being in the Disney bubble, you also get to meet incredible people, learn so much about their culture and get to witness such beautiful animals from all around the resort. It is something you rarely will find anywhere else. The resort is so immersive and brilliantly African. I cannot wait until the day I finally get to stay!


Having a resort day can be a great way to relax and recover after long days at the parks. Your feet will thank you! Enjoy the resort pool as well as a variety of activities each Disney Resort offer to their Guests. With so much to see and do at Animal Kingdom Lodge I would recommend to set aside at least one full day to enjoy everything there is to see and do.

Sanaa for Lunch

Sanaa is always at the top of peoples lists of hidden gem restaurants so I knew if we were staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge we had to take advantage and dine here! The now infamous Bread Service was the top of my list! It is perfect to share as you get some naan breads as well as 9 different dips.


If you, or anyone in your party, is vegan or gluten-free then order the allergy-friendly naan bread and everyone can get to share and enjoy this iconic Disney food! 8 out of the 9 dipping sauces are vegan as standard. A dish for everyone!

I love Indian food so I couldn’t wait to have a meal that is quite different to anything else on Disney property. Plus one of the best features of Sanaa is that it overlooks the Savannah. You get to see the animals that live on the Savannah whilst you dine! For an animal lover this is a dream!

D-Luxe Burger for Dinner

After a relaxing day at the resort and getting to enjoy all the activities on offer I had planned a quick dinner at Disney Springs. We would be heading off property for the evening and Disney Springs is on the way out of Disney so is a perfect place to stop by.

I planned to have dinner at D-Luxe Burger. The food looks so good! Disney is amazing for burger lovers, with so many on offer at almost all dining locations. But this burger stood out! I wanted to try the Pacific Island Burger – it sounds so unique and tasty! It comes topped with cabbage, mushroom ragout and a mango salsa. It sounds incredible! I am absolutely putting D- Luxe Burger down on the list of restaurants I have to visit next time I am at Disney!

An Evening at Universal's CityWalk

I always love to visit CityWalk, even if I don’t have any days at the Universal parks planned, as it is a great entertainment centre which makes it perfect for a night out!


You get free self-parking at Universal after 6pm! Another great reason to spend a fun evening at CityWalk!

CityWalk has a range of shops, including Universal shops selling park and attraction merchandise. If you don’t have any days at the Universal parks planned then a visit to CityWalk can be great for fans of Harry Potter to buy all the Wizarding World merch!

There are tons of restaurants as well as a cinema and a 50’s sci-fi and horror themed miniature golf course. Everything you could need for a good evening! And then there is my favourite place at CityWalk…Voodoo Doughnuts.

Voodoo Doughnuts

Every time I visit Orlando I have to go to Voodoo Doughnuts. EVERY TIME! Honestly, these doughnuts are the best I have ever had! So many delicious flavours and the doughnuts look incredible too! I love that they are a bit dark, spooky and have some adult themed names. There is nothing not to love about Voodoo Doughnuts! And on top of it all they are really great value. See the full range of delicious Voodoo Doughnuts by viewing their menu here!

I also love the aesthetic of the brand and always pick up something to take home with me whilst I am there.

Another massive bonus for me is that they have a great vegan selection and they also have the option of being able to make almost all of their doughnuts vegan on request! (Make sure to pre-order the non-vegan doughnuts at least 24 hours in advance to have them made vegan. Toppings may not be vegan so please check when ordering). But with so many doughnuts to choose from how am I meant to pick?!


Can’t decide what amazing favours of doughnuts to get? Indulge yourself and have some for dessert and then the rest for breakfast the next day!

I would highly recommend that you visit CityWalk for an evening for a lovely meal, some great merchandise shopping, catch a movie and then eat all the doughnuts!

In tomorrows blog I will be talking about taking a day out to see what Orlando has to offer, having a breakfast in the beautiful Polynesian Village Resort and dining at my ultimate character dining experience – Storybook Dining with Snow White!

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