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On 16th December the French Government updated their requirements for travel between the UK and France and it is not good news for people with upcoming trips to Disneyland Paris.

The new rules, which come into effect this weekend, restrict who is eligible to travel to France and include much more testing.

Find out what you now need to do to travel to France from the UK and the updated France / UK travel requirements to travel between these two countries and what impact this will have on your Disneyland Paris trip below.

The rules can change or be updated at any time so please check out the official government links at the bottom of the page to see the information that will be correct at the time of your own trip.

To visit Disneyland Paris you previously needed to have proof of vaccination to show you were fully vaccinated and to have filled out a sworn statement to say you were free from Covid-19 symptoms. The new rules have changed quite drastically.

France is now limiting the acceptable reasons for travel into France from the UK. Tourism is not an accepted reason at the present time.

If you are visiting Disneyland Paris for a holiday this will not be an acceptable reason, which is a massive blow for so many people with trips over Christmas and New Year. Disneyland Paris trips are now unavailable to take for the foreseeable future for people from the UK.

If you are a French citizen or have an acceptable reason to visit there are new rules in place.

All people entering France from the UK will need to take a Covid-19 test less than 24 hours before travelling to France. You will also need to complete a form with details of where you will be staying in France.

Visitors from the UK must now also take a test upon arrival and isolate for 48 hours once they arrive in France.

France also recently announced that 7 months after your last vaccine you are no longer considered vaccinated. You will need a booster of the vaccine if your last dose was over 7 months ago to enter France from January 2022.

To return to the UK everyone now needs to take an Antigen Lateral Flow or PCR test within 48 hours of flying back to the UK, whilst still in France.

You also need to take a PCR test within two days of arriving in the UK and must self-isolate until a negative test result is received. (A antigen lateral flow test is no longer allowed as the Day 2 test).

Order this before your trip as you need to register it to receive the code that you will need for your passenger locator form.

You need to complete a passenger locator form within the 48 hours before you return to the UK.

If you have an upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris planned check with your booking agent or your travel insurance provider to find out the next steps to take to cancel or rearrange your holiday.

If you have booked your trip directly with Disney this is the information posted on the Disneyland Paris website.

'If you are unable to maintain your booking due to reasons beyond your control (such as travel restrictions or quarantine measures required by your local authorities) you can either:

  • Postpone your stay with the same Hotel + Ticket package, at the same price, and with the same components for arrivals until 30 March 22, (excluding the period from 15-31 October 2021 and from 16 December 2021 to 8 January 2022, subject to hotel availability on the selected dates) - or at the prevailing rate for arrivals from 31 March 22 (sales to open from 29 June 21)

  • Cancel your stay and you will receive a full refund

Our holiday experts are ready to assist you.'

As the advice is always changing please find below links to find out all the latest information about travelling between the UK and France.

Were you meant to be travelling to Disneyland Paris soon? Are you nervous about the travel requirements for trips next year? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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