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SAVE £7 by purchasing the Disney World Ultimate Planner versus individual templates! Plus you get much MORE included!




Your Ultimate Planner for Walt Disney World! 

This 153 page planner contains a plethora of fillable templates, as well as tons of top tips,  to help you plan every aspect of your ultimate Disney trip!

Fill in the templates and then your dream Disney trip is planned for you! This saves you the time and hassle of creating endless spreadsheets or documents!

It includes everything you need to do before you go including:
•    Chart for all your hotel, flight and transportation details
•    A Disney World packing list
•    An individual packing list for each person in your group
•    An outfit planner for each person in your group

Then be able to plan everything you want to do whilst at Disney World:
•    Rides lists for each park
•    Ride height guide
•    Full list of every dining location at Walt Disney World including all 6 Disney parks, Disney Springs and Disney Resorts

•  Tips to help you book the hard to get dining reservations
•    A chart to write down where you would like to dine
•    The Ultimate Iconic Disney Snack list
•    The Ultimate Iconic Vegan Disney Snack List
•    A blank snack list to fill in with all the delicious snacks you want to try!

•    A list of all the bars at Disney World

Next plan your budget and itinerary with a range of handy templates.
•    Budget planner for the whole trip
•    Restaurant budget planner
•    Daily budget planner. 
•    An example itinerary
•    A blank itinerary guide to fill in for your trip
•    A daily planner to fill in and take to the parks to know exactly what you have booked in and planned for that day
•    An hourly planner to help easily see what you are doing hour by hour

There are a range of fun templates such as:
•    Character tracker template

•    Souvenir tracker template

And finally a range of templates to help commemorate your trip including:
•    Kids' and adults' journal pages
•    A highlight of the trip page

The Ultimate Planner has everything you could ever need to help plan your ultimate Disney trip!




•    A4 or letter-sized so perfect for printing. 
•    Minimal ink used to save on costs and ease of printing.
•    No copyrighted images so no problems if printing at a printers.
•    Instant PDF File download! Please have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view.



Disney World Ultimate Planner!

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