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The Walt Disney World Trip That Never Was - Day Twelve!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Today is our EPCOT day! Or should have been. We like to do one day at EPCOT to enjoy walking around World Showcase and seeing all the different lands, enjoy some great rides and eat some delicious foods. I think EPCOT is the best Disney Park for food and in today's blog I will tell you why!

Sunshine Seasons for Breakfast

Sunshine Seasons, in The Land pavilion, is a quick service restaurant that looks kind of like a food court. What I love about Sunshine Seasons is it serves a variety of cuisines and is one of the quick service locations that has some healthier options, which is always welcome, particularly in the second week of the trip! The breakfast power wrap sounded lovely and a great way to get fueled for the day ahead!


Some of the food served at Sunshine Seasons was grown right at EPCOT! If you take a ride on Living with the Land, which is right next door, you will get to see some of the produce growing!

Once in The Land pavilion it is also time for Soarin’! The visuals are amazing and a very different type of simulator ride (this one I can do without feeling ill – yay!). I love the feeling of flying. It is a very exhilarating ride. So a great way to start off the day!

I love to ride Living with the Land. This is more of an attraction than a ride but I really enjoy seeing how Disney grow food and learning more about plants and agriculture. It is just a nice relaxing, gentle boat journey that gives you a behind the scenes look at EPCOT which I think is really cool!

For thrills I head over to Test Track. Such a fun attraction! The final high speed lap outside the show building is just the best! I always have to ride this at least once!


Test Track offers a single rider line which is great if you are keen to ride but your companions are less so and it can help you save lots of time!

One of my favourite rides at EPCOT is the iconic Spaceship Earth! It is just such a classic attraction and so cool you get to go inside the ball! Spaceship Earth was due to be closed during our trip as it is to undergo extensive renovations. So I was sad we wouldn’t get to ride it this trip but I am interested to see what the update will be like!


Spaceship Earth is currently still open! When EPCOT reopened they did keep Spaceship Earth operating for the time being. If you have an upcoming trip soon make sure you ride on it before it finally closes for its renovation as it will be many years before we can enjoy the new, revamped version!

Exploring World Showcase

After enjoying all the attractions in Future World we would then move to walking around World Showcase. What I like most about World Showcase is that all the Cast Members are Cultural Representatives from the countries of the pavilion that they work in. It is so nice to be able to learn more about the culture by speaking with the cast members. It also brings an authenticity to each pavilion.

It also means lots of incredible foods! I love that at EPCOT, and especially World Showcase, there are so many amazing cuisines to try from all around the world. I think this is one of the reason EPCOT is the best out of all the Disney Parks for dining. There is a huge number of restaurants and so many different types of dishes that there is something for everyone!

One of my favourites is Teppan Edo. This hibachi style restaurant not only serves delicious Japanese cuisine but you also get to enjoy some table theatre as your chef shows off his skills and some flare whilst cooking at the grill that is part of your table. We don’t really have hibachi restaurants in the UK so this is such a special experience!

Two snacks I wanted to try were the sorbets from L’Artisan des Glaces and the kakagori at Kabuki Cafe. In the Florida heat it is so refreshing to have such cold treats an in a range of delicious flavours! In fact I also wanted to try the seasonal vegan cupcake and cookies ‘n’ cream mousse in Sunshine Seasons too! There is just so much amazing food at EPCOT that it is hard to choose! And if you visit this time of year the decisions may be even harder as you also have all the amazing stalls at the International Food & Wine Festival!

EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival

EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival is one of the highlights of the year. Featuring a whole myriad of stalls selling super tasty and exotic dishes from all around the world. It is a food lovers dream and definitely worth taking a day to sample a whole variety of dishes you can only find at this event.


This years International Food & Wine Festival is currently happening! With so many special events having to be cancelled it is great to see this one go ahead. This year is slightly modified and features 20 stalls of delicious foods and drinks.

I really wanted to head to Earth Eats, where everything is plant-based. I’ve heard great things about the slider. And at this years festival they are also serving the chocolate pudding terrarium. Not only is this dessert delicious but it is just so pretty. Definitely one for Instagram!

Tangierine Café for Dinner

I’d planned to finish off the day at a quick service restaurant that I have been wanting to try for years! My last trip I was determined to make it to Tangierine Café but alas it wasn’t possible. So this trip it was my number one place to try at EPCOT. Hopefully third times the charm and I will get to eat here on my next trip!

The dish that gets rave reviews is the vegetarian platter. You get falafel, hummus, olives, tabbouleh and lentils with pita bread. These are all foods I love and regularly have so it is the perfect sort of meal for me!


This dish is huge! It could easily shared between two people, so works out as great value for money!

After enjoying so much amazing food I am so glad that the parks are nice and big so you can walk some of it off! With so much choice at EPCOT it is so hard to not overindulge, particularly when the Food & Wine Festival is on. One of the great things is some quick service meals are large enough for 2 and the options at the Food & Wine stalls are taster size so you are able to try lots of options.

In tomorrows blog it will be out final day in Animal Kingdom where we will enjoy the safari for the final time, The Festival of the Lion King show and Expedition Everest!

If you are starting to plan a trip to Disney World be sure to check out the full range of Most Magical Guides and Planners to help make planning your trip super easy! Click here!

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