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Disney trip Consultations!

Planning your ultimate Disney trip can feel intimidating!
With so many factors to consider where do you start?

When saving for so long for a long wished for trip you want to make the most of every second
and I am here to help you do that!

Avoid feeling overwhelmed by booking a consultation with me!

I can deliver you your ultimate Disney trip!

Scroll down to see which type of Disney trip consultation would be best for you, pricing and to book your consultation today!


Why book a consultation?

  • Save money! I will help you get the best deal for your trip, including the cheapest flights, hotel and car hire or transfers for your desired dates, plus give you tons of tips on how to save money whilst at Disney! 

  • Save time! Instead of spending hundreds of hours researching every detail of your trip I can give you comprehensive knowledge plus decades of firsthand experience to maximise your holiday!

  • Save on stress! With so many factors to consider I will let you know which ones are right for you based on the type of holiday you would like! 

  • Never miss a step! I will take you step by step through the planning process so you know exactly what you need to plan. Don't turn up to Disney and realise a vital element has been missed, find out everything you need before you go!

  • Get the insider knowledge from a Disney pro! I will use my decades of experience visiting the Disney parks and planning trips to help you have your own most magical trip but telling you the tips only pros know!

I am not a travel agent but instead a Disney trip consultant, where I can help you maximise every element of your trip! I cannot book your hotel, transport and tickets for you, but I will use your decades of experience to research the best cost for you so you then know where to book to get the best deal!

Unlike a travel agent, who will have broad knowledge of many destinations, I specialise specifically in Disney trips! Any questions you have, I can answer! I can also give you the best advice to help you get the most out of your trip and pass on all the pro tips and tricks that travel agents do not know!

45 minute zoom call

Have a 45 minute Zoom consultation with me to ask any questions you have about your trip!

If you are wanting some tips on how to get the most out of your trip, how to save money, the best strategy to visit the parks, where to dine to have the best meal or to find out the right hotel for you to stay I can help you!

This is fantastic for people who know what type of trip they would like to have but would like some help with the fine details!

You may just need one Zoom call and that will answer all the questions you may have! Or you may wish to book multiple calls with me over the months leading up to your trip, you have total flexibility!

90 minute zoom call

Have a 90 minute, in depth, Zoom consultation with me to maximise your Disney trip!


Before our chat I will send you a questionnaire to see what plans you already have in place or what type of trip you want to have.


I will also ask what are the key elements of the trip you'd like to discuss so we can cover them in our consultation.

This is perfect for people who want to visit Disney but don't know where to start or have booked their trip and are unsure what to do next and want to find out everything they need to plan to have their best Disney trip ever!

This could be a one off Zoom call that provides detailed information on how to have your best Disney trip ever!

The great news is you can book as many of these calls as you like! If more questions come up in the lead up to your trip you can book as many Zoom calls as you wish!

Bespoke itinerary

If you would like to take all the stress out of planning your trip, let me do it all for you!

We will have a Zoom consultation to let me know how you want your dream trip to look and I will create a bespoke itinerary for you!

I will plan out the best days to visit the parks, the best strategy to fit in everything you want to do, advise on the best dining locations for you, plus give you tips and tricks to maximise your holiday!

I will also book your dining reservations, plus any tours or special experiences you would like!

I will also provide quotes for your trip to help you save hundreds of pounds! This way you can visit exactly how you want, whilst still getting the best price! You are then able to book with whichever provider you prefer.

If you have any questions throughout the process you will have priority for receiving emails and we can have another two Zoom consultations anytime you wish in the leadup to your trip to make sure you have the best Disney trip ever!

Also included is the Disney Ultimate Planner, packed with planning templates and advice! Many of the templates I will complete for you with all the details of your trip! The rest are there for you to have fun with!

If you want to experience your ultimate Disney trip without having the spend hundreds of hours doing the research, the planning and the booking then let me create your best ever Disney itinerary for you!

consultation pricing

45 minute zoom call


Costs less than 1% of the average trip to Disney World and Disneyland or 2% of the average Disneyland Paris trip!


45 minute Zoom consultation to answer any questions you have!

Follow up email with all the tips and details we discussed.

Helpful tips that will save you time and money!

Learn to visit the parks like a pro and maximise your Disney trip!

90 minute zoom call


Costs just 1% of the average trip to Disney World  Disneyland or 3% of the average Disneyland Paris trip! 

Pre-call questionnaire to find out your plans and key questions so we can cover the topics most important to you during our call.


In depth 90 minute Zoom consultation to help you plan your ultimate Disney trip!

Follow up email with all the tips and details we discussed.

Helpful tips that will save you time and money!

Learn to visit the parks like a pro and maximise your Disney trip!

Take away the stress of not knowing what you need to plan or research. I will give you all the information you need to have your best ever Disney trip!

Save time by skipping the research and  getting answers specifically for your trip from a Disney expert!

bespoke itinerary


For just 6% of the average trip to Disney World, or 7.5% for Disneyland or 20% for Disneyland Paris have your best ever Disney trip planned out for you!

Every detail is taken care of with my bespoke itinerary service!


We will start with an initial in depth Zoom consultation to find out what your dream Disney trip is, what plans you may already have, your essentials for the trip, plus the dates and details for your trip so I can look up costings and travel agencies to prove quotes to you. 

The best itinerary for what you want to do during your Disney trip planned for you!

Disney dining reservations booked for you.

Any special events, tours or experiences booked for you.

Priority response to emails.

2 extra Zoom calls any time you wish in the lead up to your trip!

A PDF file with all the details of your trip. You can download this on to your devices and have them conveniently in your pocket anytime you need them during your trip.

Helpful tips that will save you time and money!

Book your consultation!

Fill out the form below to let me know which service you would like, the times and dates that are best for your consultation and any details you have already considered about your trip such as which Disney destination you want to take a trip to, what time of year you want to visit or if you have a hotel or events in mind!

Or if you have any further questions email me at!

How can I help?

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